Friday, June 27, 2008

Pregnant Again...

It's not like we're stupid. We're both fully aware how these things happen. You see, there are the bumble bees and they go from flower to flower gathering nectar and ... actually I'm not sure I've EVER understood how birds and bees correlated to knocking up a woman. Like I said, we know how it works... so why or how we're surprised by this pregnancy is anybody's guess.

My husband and I just 5 minutes ago found out we are pregnant with our second child. Frankly, I was pretty sure of it a week ago when I could smell the human piss on the street corner (yeah, we live in the city) ... that was the tale-tale sign when I was pregnant with Peter, our first-born. I could walk down our street and with my new gift of smell distinguish between dog, cat and human pee. Now wouldn't you love to be able to do that? It's certainly not a power you find among classic or modern super heroes.

Clearly the reaction to this news is wholly different for each of us. I'm ecstatic! No other word for it. I can't stop smiling. I'm sitting here like an idiot smiling and typing. He keeps looking over at me... grinning and then shaking his head side to side. He's happy, no doubt...he's just more practical than me. I'm sure he's over there adding up the cost of a double stroller, second car seat, the fact we'll have to move because our current home can not accommodate all of us, the fact that visiting his family in Montreal just got REALLY expensive....etc. etc. etc. and I all I can think of is cute little chubby cheeks, fingers and I'm going to attack the whole sleep-training thing differently this go 'round....wondering if it's a boy or a girl... wondering if maybe I have twins! (wow, then hubby will REALLY be adding up numbers)...what names should we pick... SHOP! I need to shop for more stuff!!!