Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nordstrom Maternity Sucks!

I know I’m on the large side this pregnancy…OK, I was on the large-side the last pregnancy too…and frankly I’m sick of not being able to find decent clothes in my size! I’m a size 12…that’s not HUGE for Christ’s sake! Nordstroms seems to only service up to size oooh, I guess 8! A recent search on their on-line shop yielded the following choices for size Large (12-14): 2 maternity bras, 2 types of Mama Spanx and 2 pairs of underwear. Seriously? Really? No blouses in a 12 no skirts or dresses ? Not even a t-shirt?!!! Amazing.
OK, it's just their search function that sucks...I tried searching every size choice and it always returned underwear... soo they just kind-of suck :)
----------Update II------
OK, I guess I have to take back the whole comment. Last night I spent a few hours searching all the maternity website for some major maternity underwear (such as you see in the bottom right of the photo); the only place I could find them was Nordstroms! Everyone else had bikini-type underwear...which are find for right now - but after the c-section...the top of the bikini-type underwear hit right on the sutures! ouch!!! FOr a good 3 months I need some granny-panties :D lovely, I know.