Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Re-posting a blog that just cracked me up!!!

This is an old blog-post but it's new to me and cracked me up so much I had to share it:

Hyperbole and a Half: I AM THE CHAMPION!!!


Self image.

If you're honest with yourself about yourself (did you follow that) - to put it plainly when you think of you as a person are you honest with yourself?  I don't mean critical but honest?  

Did you immediately think of your physical attributes?  I know I did.  I'm critical too and lately I've been very, very (bordering unhealthily) concerned with my over-all physique; but I haven't really been all that active in doing anything about it.  I've been taking a relaxed approach to getting back in shape.

Until recently.  

My husband wants to go visit some of his long-time friends in Montreal.  I love these people, I've never met a larger group of affable people in all my life.  They are easy going, relaxed, easy-come, easy-go and really quite fun.  My kind of people.  

They are also, to me, very ...  ... well, ... ... very chic I guess - stylish.  I. AM. NOT. never have been.  They are all also quite fit and very active.  These days I'm not so fit, actually haven't been in quite a while.  I blame my husband for making me fat and happy :)

I digress.

My point is I suddenly find myself intimidated by these people that I once found to be so fun.  I find, suddenly, a huge hesitation in wanting to go on this trip.

But ditching a fun-filled trip to a chalet that sits on a lake in the woods outside Montreal (nice, huh?) because I suddenly have self-image issues is really quite stupid.  I know I will (eventually) get fit again.  I know that they are all super nice people and aren't likely (I hope) to judge me based on my appearance.  So,
I will go on this trip.
I will be very self-conscious.
I will get through this and
I will learn from the general discomfort of the whole situation and NEVER let myself get so damned out of shape again!  
Now, everyone, give me three cheers!  GO JENN!!  GO JENN!! GO JENN, GOOOO!!

Didn't work.

I still don't want to go...but I will.

But I WON'T wear a swimsuit!  :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is Paul:

Paul is my 15 month old go getter! It's amazing to see and hard to ignore the differences between my oldest, Peter and my youngest, Paul.  When Peter was 15 months old ...well, he wasn't even walking yet!  He is my very cautious young man.  He never went bolstering down the sidewalk away from me...never giggled running off as I frantically chased him down.  Paul...well...Paul is the opposite.  If I don't watch him and become one of those "helicopter moms" at the playground the kid will toddle over to the big kids' jungle gym, toddle up the stairs and walk, no run right off the edge plummetting to the bottom to certain death or a broken neck and permanent paralysis.  Yes, these things do run through my mind.

Case in point today I finished changing his diaper (one that required a clothing change - we won't get into that) in the time it took for me to walk to the next room, dispose of said diaper and walk back to the room he had gotten up from the floor where I had changed him and was doing this:

I happened to have had the camera sitting right next to where I was standing and quickly snapped two shots, the one above and one of him climbing onto the stereo speaker to get to the above position:

I really wanted the shot of him claiming his summit standing on the table but my hover-mom mode kicked in and I dumped the camera and ran over in time to catch him as he was toddling toward the edge of the table with a big silly grin on his face.  It would have made for a great photo and would have made for quite an explanation at the invetible trip to the hospital.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Summer Time Tip

I hate heat.  I've never been a proper Southern gal, having been raised in Memphis, TN I should be able to handle hot and humid temperatures far better than I do.  Regardless, I do love Summer time!  Beaches (the views anyway), camping, the general change in attitude by the fun!

Now that I have kids, summer time is all that much more fun.  I've long NOT been a beach person but since my kids have come along I find I want to give them the beach experience complete with sand castles with moats!

Enter the best summer time tip I have received since notification that you really can swim after eating!  This may not be a revelation to you but it was to me... are you ready....drum roll... here it summer time advice:

To quickly and easily remove sand stuck all over your body, use baby powder.

It's true!  It works like magic, been using it post sand-pit for a while now.  Place a bit of baby powder on your hand before wiping away the sand and voila, the sand is gone!

What's the best Summer time tip you've got?  I would love to hear it!