Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Summer Time Tip

I hate heat.  I've never been a proper Southern gal, having been raised in Memphis, TN I should be able to handle hot and humid temperatures far better than I do.  Regardless, I do love Summer time!  Beaches (the views anyway), camping, the general change in attitude by the fun!

Now that I have kids, summer time is all that much more fun.  I've long NOT been a beach person but since my kids have come along I find I want to give them the beach experience complete with sand castles with moats!

Enter the best summer time tip I have received since notification that you really can swim after eating!  This may not be a revelation to you but it was to me... are you ready....drum roll... here it summer time advice:

To quickly and easily remove sand stuck all over your body, use baby powder.

It's true!  It works like magic, been using it post sand-pit for a while now.  Place a bit of baby powder on your hand before wiping away the sand and voila, the sand is gone!

What's the best Summer time tip you've got?  I would love to hear it!


Christy said...

I have never heard this before - but I ABHOR sand on my feet when getting in the car after hitting the beach, so I'm going to pack some baby powder this summer and I'll report back....wouldn't it be fun if we could go to the beach together!

Brett McCoy said...

Kiddie pools are a great place to keep a six pack of beer cool in case you run out of space in the cooler!

(I grew up in Florida and LOVE the hot weather)

Laura said...

The baby powder thing is a favorite of mine, especially for the dreaded diaper change on the beach.

Found a new good one this week when I met up with some other moms at the playground. One mom brought a bunch of those mini spray bottles and the kids (age 1.5 to 3) had an absolute blast. Made a hot playground trip a lot more fun.

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

@Brett - you're from the South you know what to do when you run out of room for your beer - FILL THE TUB WITH ICE! :)

@Laura - ooo! thanks for that one! I'm making a mental note to get a few for our next playground visit.

Brett McCoy said...

I like the squirt gun idea, too!