Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why my Kids Will Love Me the Most!

Oh there is  no doubt my kids are going to love me the most!  When I permit them to run around in their PJs (glow in the dark by the way) all morning, eat molten lava chocolate cake at 9:30 a.m., play in the rain and bring wet toys in and out of the house...there's just no doubt they'll love me the most!

More after the video:

But seriously, we're stuck in the house all day today because of the rain, rain, rain. The forcast shows a 100% possibility of rain through 8:00pm tonight. So, with no lightening and thunder why not just accept a bit of a wet mess and let Paul run in and out of the house! :)

Oh and the molten lava chocolate cake? Well, it was supposed to be my birthday cake that we never got around to making and since I never did really get to have my special me day or celebrate my birthday (boo!) I decided today was a good day to have the cake!

I hope you all are Enoying the fall!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "Event" of Tea

It's not that I'm some tea connoisseur or begin to know the "proper way" to brew or even serve tea.  I can't tell you what tea is black or green (well OK, the green is easy to tell).  I have no clue what tea is the best; I just buy what I like.  Currently my favorite is Twinings Lady Grey tea purchased at the grocery store.  I ventured out once and ordered tea from a catalog, I purchased their variety pkg so I could try new flavors...YUK!  Flavored tea (orange, mint, etc.) is not for me...and I hate the perfumy flavored teas.  So yeah, I'm no tea snob.  So why is it I like tea?

I just like the event of tea.

I don't mean high tea with sweet little dresses, sandwiches, hats and gloves; although that does sound fun.  What I mean is waiting for the water to boil, the little tea bag sitting in your cup, steeping it and slowly sipping the hot concoction.  The whole event just forces me to slow down and relax.  Who doesn't like to relax?

So on this cool rainy day, while fighting off a pretty bad cold I am preparing my tea and will relax and enjoy it while my one year old boy takes his nap.


I stumbled upon this article that covers happiness and among happy factors is sipping tea!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Can't go to the Gym Because I ate Cheese

I've had many, many excuses in my lifetime of why I can't make it to the gym.  But today's excuse likely falls into the realm of TMI!

My body hates cheese.  It's like poison that must be ejected quickly and violently (Think Meg Ryan in French Kiss....totally me).  However, my taste buds revolt against my body by often demanding cheese....LOTS of cheese....which is what I had this morning.  Irresistible, soft, delectable cheese with raspberry jam and brioche...oh my ...  despite my already cramping stomach I could go for more.

I do this to myself more often than I really care to admit.  I can't help's good stuff.  Can you imagine life with out ice cream or chocolate?!  Yes, I'm afraid chocolate does it too.

So,  basically all this means is the gym this evening will be immensely embarrassing.  I was thinking I'd go for power yoga again but um...yeah....I would be disrupting the peaceful yoga class in a whole new way and worse than I did Monday evening.  Think I'll stay home.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Have Bruises

There is nothing more humiliating than being the sole beginner in a "Power" Yoga class.  Tonight I continued my pursuit for fitness by attending such a class.  These classes are supposed to be for all levels but it was apparent very quickly that I was the only one in the class who hasn't been practicing Yoga since birth! The class moves quickly between poses...and not knowing what all the poses were I was constantly at a loss and looking at my neighbor for what I should be doing.  For instance, when the instructor said pigeon pose
 (pictured to the right) I had a mental picture of the Karate Kid doing the Crane move.  It turns out I do the pigeon pose very, very well I was totally flat with my head on the mat.  Other moves included back bends,shoulder stands, head stands....I can't remember all the names for all the poses that he spurted out.  If you're curious we were doing Vinyasa yoga you can Google for the poses.  Folks were doing crazy stuff in this class!  But if you know me...I have no problem making a fool of myself trying something if challenged.   I saw this as a challenge.  I went for it..headstands...hand stands...all of it.

I have bruises.

There was the peaceful quiet of the room, the very soothing voice of the instructor as well as the soothingly soft music and then there was the constant thud and inevitable giggle of me attempting EVERYTHING.  I'm positive everyone wishes I had not been there.

The last time I made this much of an ass of myself was several years ago and my first time ever on a ski hill.  We were at Le Massif in Quebec and I was surrounded by my then boyfriend (now husband, he married me anyway) his sister and brother law..all black diamond skiers.  My husband is a skier, my sis-in-law and her husband are snowboarders.  I announce to everyone my first time on a ski hill would be on a snow board...because what the hell, right?  If I'm going to get battered up and make a fool of myself it might as well be while attempting to do something cool.  Luckily all my ass-making was NOT in front of my husband and his family but in front of a French speaking instructor who I managed to make laugh along with me almost the entire lesson with my antics (think going backwards down the hill and not being able to stop).  Oh and to top off the experience the hill was total ice that day.  So every fall was like landing on a friggin rock!

At any rate.  I made it through tonight's Power Yoga class quite well and I had a good workout and heehee...I go again in two days!!  Poor Steve, the instructor, will likely cringe when he sees me happily bounce into the room.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer

The end of Summer is here and I see many sad Facebook and Twitter statuses mourning the end.  I am rejoicing!  I'm not a fan of Summer, I walk everywhere with the kids (I'm without a car during the day); in the summer those walks become horrible sweat-fests.  I also happen to hate sweating.

My favorite seasons are the in between seasons: Spring and Fall. If I had to choose one over the other it would have to be Fall.  Mostly because it starts the beginning the holiday season.  It starts with September 21st (my birthday - hint hint) and yes...that IS a holiday!  Then  it just rolls into Halloween, one of my favorite holidays and  from there we have T-giving and Christmas and New Years and then we are in the oh so  wonderful Winter months!  Happy times!

So, this weekend I'll be saying farewell Summer, don't let the door hit you on your way out!  Which, is not to say  we didn't have fun...Some photos from this past Summer:
*some of  these  are actually'll have  to click out  to Picasa to see the videos.