Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why my Kids Will Love Me the Most!

Oh there is  no doubt my kids are going to love me the most!  When I permit them to run around in their PJs (glow in the dark by the way) all morning, eat molten lava chocolate cake at 9:30 a.m., play in the rain and bring wet toys in and out of the house...there's just no doubt they'll love me the most!

More after the video:

But seriously, we're stuck in the house all day today because of the rain, rain, rain. The forcast shows a 100% possibility of rain through 8:00pm tonight. So, with no lightening and thunder why not just accept a bit of a wet mess and let Paul run in and out of the house! :)

Oh and the molten lava chocolate cake? Well, it was supposed to be my birthday cake that we never got around to making and since I never did really get to have my special me day or celebrate my birthday (boo!) I decided today was a good day to have the cake!

I hope you all are Enoying the fall!

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