Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I'm School-Girl Excited (and Nervous)

Peter at 18 months, Excited at  4am!
I don't get out it's true!  I know I didn't have to add that last phrase, but I like to humor myself that the rest of the world thinks I'm out there movin' & shakin' and having a blast doing all sorts of creative fun things like hang gliding, mountain climbing, snowboarding, rowing the Potomac, lunching (if only I actually did use that word as a verb!) with fun people...but no.  On any given day you can find me either at the park, the coffee shop (momentarily at the counter on my way to the park), the grocery store (on my way home from the park) and at home. That's my day, week day and weekend.  I'm not complaining, well, maybe a little bit but I know I've got it good. Being a stay at home mom has it's complaints but the rewards far outweigh the complaints.

But back to getting out....I don't do it much.  The recent outtings I have had were to the gym and I got to go the grocery store by myself (such a treat to not have kids screaming at the top of their lungs that they want whatever Sponge-Bob Square Pants crackers or cookies they just saw on the shelf).  So when I get invited to an actual party that I have managed to convince the husband I need to go to, several things happen:

  1. I get school-girl silly excited.
  2. I get school-girl silly nervous.
  3. I start obsessing on what I should wear.
  4. I start imagining who else will be there, how much swankier than me they are.
  5. I decide I need a whole new outfit so I too can be swanky (do people say swanky?)
  6. I run out of time to go shopping and go back to obsessing with the now deemed "crappy" clothes I have in my closet.
  7. My bedroom floor is covered in clothes, shoes, scarves, hats (I keep buying them but never wear them), tights, earrings, etc...that I've dug out of the closet to try and piece together some ensemble that resembles some kind of fashion-forward look.
  8. Decide I have nothing to wear and consider cancelling.
  9. Eat some chocolate cake and go back upstairs with a glass of wine to stare into my closet for something new (the way one stares into the open fridge thinking something will miraculously appear since the last time you looked).
  10. Decide on some outfit that looks OK however certainly not fashion forward, but at least not too I-just-got-off-from-work-and-came-straight-here. Because all I have in my closet is business attire, jogging pants and shorts.
There's more but the list is already long and embarrassing enough and I think gives an accurate picture of what's going on in my house today (yes, I'm drinking wine at 1:00 in the afternoon by myself - don't judge me).

Where am I going?  My friend Christy and I are headed out for the first time since this trip.  We're meeting up in Baltimore, sharing a hotel room (which will be super fun - Christy makes everything fun) and then we're off to Momz Share - some brave woman is opening up her home to a bunch of people she's only met through the blog world.

There will be photos and apparently the event will be streaming live starting 7:00pm tomorrow night; read about it here.  I'll have to be sure not to consume too many alcoholic beverages so as not to make too much a fool of myself!


Christy said...

Au contrair mon frere...we WILL be consuming too many alcoholic beverages! The taxi is our driver! AND NO KIDS!!!! NO KIDS!!!! Did I mention NO KIDS!!!???

You know, we'll have a few hours in the afternoon...we could go shopping for new clothes together! Because guess what I've spent the last THREE HOURS doing? During my kids precious nap time? Instead of sleeping, I was doing the EXACT same thing you were doing! My bedroom is a mess! But I have three MAYBE outfits. I'm waiting to try them on for Matt tonight! I could actually bring them all then you could try them on too - they may look better on you than on me!!!!

I CAN NOT WAIT! See you in the a.m.!!!

Christy said...

PS Did you realize it was exactly a year ago that we went to NY? We should take it as a sign and do a girls weekend EVERY October!

Scary Mommy said...

Any friend of Christy's is a friend of mine! It's going to be a blast and I'm so glad you'll be here!!

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

OH christy i would love to go shopping...but i don't know if we have enough time! ;)

I'll be fine, but am happy to spend our free afternoon away from the kids in any fashion at all....NO KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Scary Mommy - so honored you stopped by... thank you for leaving a comment. your blog is terribly creatively written and makes me wish i was a better writer! Can't wait to meet you.