Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I learned while in NYC

Christy (of A 'Lil Welsh Rarebit) and I went to NYC this past weekend and we really had a great time. We had planned to go up Friday night and come home Sunday morning...and so begins the list of what I learned while in NYC:
  1. you don't have to rush to the train station to catch your train on a long weekend; the line will be so insanely long that there is no way you'll miss your train.

  2. meeting up with old friends you haven't seen in ages can be fun and exciting; there's tons to catch up on and talk about because you so rarely see each other.

  3. when booking hotel rooms through be sure to confirm that they have reserved a room with TWO beds for you and your friend. Thank God Christy is a tough negotiator! She got a us room with two beds for the first night and free upgrade to a king suite for the second night!

  4. If you're heading to NYC and want a super-cool and hip (do people still say hip?) hotel room, book at Dream Hotel. It's walking distance to Central Park, Time Square, and FAO Schwarz. I got the impression that the locals came to this hotel for the extremely cool bar/nightclub in the hotel. The two moms (that would be Christy & I) did NOT go to the club.

  5. Shopping in NYC can be overwhelming

  6. Food is good everywhere in NYC

  7. Don't buy your theater tickets ahead of time if you think you might miss your children and spouse so much that you decide to cut your trip short and head home a day early! **big grin** Yes, we actually did this. I know for my part, I was having a great time with Christy but everytime I saw a dad with his kid I got a little choked up. It didn't help that Christy was doing the same so we were feeding off of one another's emotions. Some lucky soul at the hotel got free tickets to see "Next to Normal". My husband was not in the least bit happy with me paying for two nights at a hotel that I only used one night, a ticket to a Broadway show that I dind't see, and extra money to get an earlier train home. Women...aren't we great! We really do excercise our right to change our minds!

  8. John Fluevog makes the best damn shoes on Earth. Bought two pair and left them on the train. :(

  9. Never take a room next to the elevator where the BING of the elevator is audible in the furthest reaches of your room and where you can hear every syllable of the people getting off the elevator. Actually, just bring earplugs.

  10. Embrace your touristy-ness and do not be ashamed to flaunt your camera, pose stupidly in front of things, and take cheesy bus tours and bicycle taxi rides when you travel!

  11. Do NOT try to do everything when visiting a large city and be willing to change your plans while traveling. I think Christy and I both did really well with this.

  12. Never travel on just two hours of sleep, lest you leave your prized and expensive purchases on the train for someone else to enjoy.

  13. Keep your purchased items close to you when traveling.

  14. Once you make the decision to cut your travel short (as if everyone does this) do not look back with regret that you did not: make it to the street fairs, eat at that famed restaurant, purchase clothes for the new job, go to Central Park, or go to that huge store you had planned to go to...because you can always go back!!!

  15. Remember to enjoy the quirkiness that allowed you and your friend to look at each other and say "You're fun, but I want to go home" and neither of you get offended!

  16. If you're "normal" by the rest of the U.S. standards then you will always standout in NYC.

  17. If you're still nursing your baby and try to take a vacation - just remember that you're going to have to interrupt your sight seeing about 800 million times to go pump or else you will suffer horrible engorgement! Oh and be sure you travel with someone who understands this and is not the least bit bothered by this interruption (thank you Christy!).
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                              Christy said...

                              Yep, you about covered it Jenn! Thanks for the wonderful recap. If I don't get the energy to post on my own site (who am I kidding? I surely will, RIGHT?!) I'll just send my readers over here! hehe!

                              Loved our trip and hope to see you again soon!

                              Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...
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                              Katie @ said...

                              Oh how neat to read about the lucky lady who was in NY with Christy. I love reading about Christy's adventures - and now from your point of view, too! Love how you two decided to shorten the trip to be with your families. Too cute!

                              Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

                              @Katie - thanks for posting! I have many, many friends who would have called our early departure 'pathetic' :) But Christy & I are both happy with our decision. It's easy to cut it short when you know it's just a short train ride away! If it had been San Francisco or something I doubt we would have been so cavalier about leaving so early ;)