Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Cuteness and Some Clothes

Sheesh...that's a big post... hope you don't get bored with all I had to say but there's something cathartic about blogging/posting...guess it's like a journal entry.

Let's start with the cuteness; I am talking about my two boys of course. I start back to work full time next week after being off and at home with my boys for almost three years. Yeah...I'm pretty much an emotional wreck! But it's all good, it has to be done. I lucked out and was able to get the kids into their daycare a week before I'm due to start work. So we took advantage of that and let them start with a half day yesterday and today and they will go all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We have a busy week to be sure. Along with me learning the ropes of what's needed to get the kids packed for school and out the door I've had to go up to my new office for meet & greets and tomorrow to get my ID badge. Sounds mundane, but nothing with the Government or The State Department is mundane. It's all been so exciting! Yesterday I walked the boys to school, dropped them off and walked up to wait for the bus down to The State Department - the bus never came. Geez. Had to flag down a taxi and book it downtown for my meeting. When I finally had a moment to think (while riding the taxi) I got all choked up and started crying. The man driving the taxi was really sweet, he had a very thick Ethiopian accent and was explaining to me that God never gives us something we can't handle. I'm not religious (not in the least) but it was a nice sentiment and made me feel good that this stranger was trying to cheer me up. I finally got my act together and started focusing on the fact that I probably was going to look all red-faced and splotchy from crying. Thank GOD I opted for a make-up free day.
I finished my meetings and jumped in another taxi back to the daycare to pick up the kids. Day one of daycare down. I had forgotten to send Paul's lovey to school with him and as a result of being in a strange place and no familiar things they had a tough time getting him to sleep. He also seemed to need/want more food than I sent. :| I can only pump so much! I also learned that I OVER-packed the bag the night before. Lessons learned: solid foods, extra milk, and the lovey for Paul packed for today's daycare.

Today Peter cried and cried when I dropped him at daycare. I told a friend I didn't know if I was more upset over Peter crying or the fact that my youngest, Paul, didn't care I was going. I'm sure I'll get use to this at some point, but it sure tugs hard at my heart! So...to lift the spirits...take a look at these photos.

Here's Paul having a grand ol' time with a mix of blueberries and applesauce. By the way, I don't do bibs. I learned with Peter they are useless and the kids just yank them off. I strip them down to their diapers and go. I also have this fab and expensive Peg Perego high chair that's all padded and cushy ...yeah nice purchase (read with sarcasm). My off-the-charts tall boys never sat tall enough to eat in the stupid high chair and by the time Peter was tall enough for it he refused to sit in it. So Paul is getting fed in his Bumbo. :)

Here are a few of Peter as we were heading off to school this morning. Peter picked that backpack out himself, he loves Spiderman!:

OK...now on with the shopping. I mentioned before that I've been shopping with Kaboodle. Well, this weekend I went out with my Mom (so fun shopping with her!) and bought a few things for the new job. The wardrobe is nowhere near complete as I now only have three outfits, I figure if I have nine outfits total to get me started I'll be good. That's where my girls' trip to NYC this weekend comes in! I'm soo friggin' excited. Christy (from A Lil' Welsh Rarebit fame) and I are heading up on the train with no kids and no husbands...look out NYC here we come!

So, what did I buy this weekend? Here are some photos, I tried to find some on-line photos but I can't seem to find them...I have fallen in love with the Lauren by Ralph Lauren collection for this season. The belted grey sweater below and the suit are all Ralph Lauren, the argyle sweater is just some no-name but oh so yummy cashmere. :) Finally, the boots are Cole Haan. I discovered during this shopping trip that my anticipated issues with clothes not fitting was a non-issue and surprisingly the issue was SHOES! Nothing fit! I'm still a size 7 in length but some how my feet are now wider! Thank boys, I'm sure this is due to my two pregnancies.. boohoo. I couldn't get the all black suite to photograph very well....so just picture a slightly ruffly collared jacket and a knee-length skirt with the same slight ruffle in the bottom of the skirt. So, yeah, I spent some money and the hubby has NO CLUE the amount I've spent...I keep hoping it will fly under the radar and just blend in with the expense of my trip to NYC this weekend. **GRIN**


Christy said...

Your purchases are all super cute and we're sure to score more great finds this weekend.

Paul and Peter will adjust, and so will their momma.

I can't wait till Friday!!!

ADORABLE pictures. We fed Fi in her bumpo too. Haha! And I NEVER use bibs either! Smart minds think alike!

Loukia said...

Hi! Just visiting from Christy's blog... your boys are too cute! Have a great time in NYC! (I used to live in D.C., too - Bethesda, actually, when I was an intern at WUSA TV9! I visit quite often, too!)

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

@Loukia - thanks visiting! We think the boys are cute too ;)

Are you still in TV/Media? I used to work at Discovery.