Saturday, July 14, 2012

How Are you, Good or Well?

I work in an office where we have more than our fair share of intelligent, well educated people.  Often there can be deep (and I'm not joking here) discussions about proper grammar usage.  I fit right in.  However, they take it to another level.  Common every day conversations are open to grammatical correction.  Take, for instance, the everyday greeting of 'How are you?'.  My response is always 'I'm good, thank you.  How are you?'.  Inevitably I get a response of 'I'm well.' with a bit of emphasis on well as if to correct my grammar.  Who's in the right?  Well, we both are, but I'm more in the right (of course,  hee hee).

What's got me blogging about this as if it's one of the world's foremost topics is one of my colleagues (who will remain nameless) actually said something to me about it!  Here it is explained by Grammar Girl, I will post a portion of her explanation here but to get full deep understanding go on over to her page for the explanation.

"Aside from the linking-verb-action-verb trickiness, another reason people get confused about this topic is that well can be both an adverb and a predicate adjective. As I said earlier, in the sentence He swam well, well is an adverb that describes how he swam. But when you say, “I am well,” you're using well as a predicate adjective. That's fine, but most sources say well is reserved to mean “healthy” when it's used in this way (1, 3, 4). So if you are recovering from a long illness and someone is inquiring about your health, it's appropriate to say, “I am well,” but if you're just describing yourself on a generally good day and nobody's asking specifically about your health, a more appropriate response is, 'I am good.' "

More than proving my point with this post, I'd like to just say...lighten up, good/well...doesn't matter to me; I get the idea!

P.S. Though I'm posting about grammar, please don't correct my punctuation in the comments section..I've always been an over-user of commas, dot-dot-dots, and hyphens... I can't help myself..............  :)

~ end rant ~