Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Immediately after breakfast this morning (that would be about 8:00am) Peter and I left the house for the park…it is a gorgeous day here! Overcast, cool and breezy…just the way I like it!

Anyway about 1 block from the park Peter recognized where we were, got excited and started running toward the park. Of course, he fell and skinned his knee. He’s done this dozens of times and this incident was certainly no where close to the time he fell and skinned both knees and his hands…but for some reason this incident warranted a major crying fit. I sat on the sidewalk and held him, got out my little diaper bag boo-boo kit and doctored him up. He was screaming as if I was amputating him. Once we got to the park it was all forgotten. That is until we got home when he started crying, pointing at his knee and saying boo-boo over and over again.

So I decided I needed to clean it up better than we could sitting on the sidewalk. I got out his special booboo kit we keep at home (other moms & dads…you gotta get one of these – I got mine at Target; it has cute band aids, foaming anti-sting cleanser, all kinds of kid-centric stuff including a stethoscope for them to play with, and a little “mom fixed my boo-boo sticker” for them to wear when all is done, it comes in a little ambulance case)… anyway…I take the old band aid off and he starts SCREAMING and SHAKING (for heaven’s sake) all over…Christ, this kid had me worried that somehow glass was in his knee all morning or something. I got the ”wound” all cleaned up to find nothing. Nothing at all; just 4 or 5 teeny tiny little scratches not deep at all. I just looked at my screaming, crying and shaking kid put a bumble-bee (his favorite bug right now) band aid on, gave him his sticker, kissed him and put him down. He hobbled off…I’m not kidding, he hobbled away…and now he keeps limping!!!! If he wasn’t so darn cute and funny I’d be irritated…

My boy got all the drama that both my husband's family and my family has!!!!! What fun the teenage years are going to be!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 months in and I'm a zombie!

I'm in full swing of my pregnancy at 4 months. I am sooo much more tired this go 'round than I was when I was pregnant with Peter. Today, I managed to fall hard asleep on the couch while my 20 month old literally ransacked the first floor of the house! What finally woke me up? The sound of a weird electronic noise and my son giggling. I found that the VCR was trying to digest a tape, but couldn't and was stuck trying to either eject or digest the tape; it was stuck on my iPod that Peter had also jammed in on top of the tape. I managed to get both the iPod and tape out. I look around the room to find that Peter had been having a blast! He had dumped the very large basket of laundry onto the floor and had strewn it all over the floor. I found clothes jammed between the radiator slats and in the windows. In dining room I found the stack of to-be-recycled newspapers had also been dumped out and strewn all over the floor. Progressing to the back of the house, to the kitchen I find a placemat thrown in the garbage, the cat food spilled out on the floor, the oven door open with some clothese shoved in.

How the hell I slept through this I don't know. I do know this, I have ULTIMATE respect for the women who manage to go to work and function normally during their pregnancy. My brain is definitely gone!!!