Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4 months in and I'm a zombie!

I'm in full swing of my pregnancy at 4 months. I am sooo much more tired this go 'round than I was when I was pregnant with Peter. Today, I managed to fall hard asleep on the couch while my 20 month old literally ransacked the first floor of the house! What finally woke me up? The sound of a weird electronic noise and my son giggling. I found that the VCR was trying to digest a tape, but couldn't and was stuck trying to either eject or digest the tape; it was stuck on my iPod that Peter had also jammed in on top of the tape. I managed to get both the iPod and tape out. I look around the room to find that Peter had been having a blast! He had dumped the very large basket of laundry onto the floor and had strewn it all over the floor. I found clothes jammed between the radiator slats and in the windows. In dining room I found the stack of to-be-recycled newspapers had also been dumped out and strewn all over the floor. Progressing to the back of the house, to the kitchen I find a placemat thrown in the garbage, the cat food spilled out on the floor, the oven door open with some clothese shoved in.

How the hell I slept through this I don't know. I do know this, I have ULTIMATE respect for the women who manage to go to work and function normally during their pregnancy. My brain is definitely gone!!!

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