Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "Event" of Tea

It's not that I'm some tea connoisseur or begin to know the "proper way" to brew or even serve tea.  I can't tell you what tea is black or green (well OK, the green is easy to tell).  I have no clue what tea is the best; I just buy what I like.  Currently my favorite is Twinings Lady Grey tea purchased at the grocery store.  I ventured out once and ordered tea from a catalog, I purchased their variety pkg so I could try new flavors...YUK!  Flavored tea (orange, mint, etc.) is not for me...and I hate the perfumy flavored teas.  So yeah, I'm no tea snob.  So why is it I like tea?

I just like the event of tea.

I don't mean high tea with sweet little dresses, sandwiches, hats and gloves; although that does sound fun.  What I mean is waiting for the water to boil, the little tea bag sitting in your cup, steeping it and slowly sipping the hot concoction.  The whole event just forces me to slow down and relax.  Who doesn't like to relax?

So on this cool rainy day, while fighting off a pretty bad cold I am preparing my tea and will relax and enjoy it while my one year old boy takes his nap.


I stumbled upon this article that covers happiness and among happy factors is sipping tea!


Anonymous said...

I personally love Earl Grey and will try Lady Gray soon. I feel the same way about tea. If I don't have time to enjoy it, I don't want it. But I have done high tea with my baby sister, Melita, in Switzerland. It was the most enjoyable afternoon I have ever spent. Melita.... what say you? Mom

Christy said...

Ah a girl after my own heart. I LOOOOVE tea too. I better, being married to a brit after all!