Monday, March 2, 2009

DC Snow Day!

Wooohooo!!! Snow day in DC! Actually, the DC area public schools were open today with a two hour delay, but that didn't effect my two year old and I. My son , my sister, who's in town to help out when the new baby comes this week, and I were all out in the snow today.

Peter insisted and even demanded we go out in the snow almost as soon as he got up today; Saying over and over again "P, no! P, no!" Translation: Peter, snow! After spending a good 20 mins looking for and digging out his winter coat, boots, and snow pants from the basement (we really don't ever need them here, only up in Canada) we all headed outside where Peter threw snow all over the sidewalks my dear, dear neighbor had just cleaned off for all of us. After a really good 15 minutes outside, Peter was done and wanted back inside. We convinced him to go out back and play some more; that lasted 5 minutes before he asked to have his boots taken that was it, we came inside! :) Pictures below.

Here's Peter just after a huge wind kicked up a ton of snow in his face:

Here he is playing in the snow:


Christy said...

Oh he is so cute - I love his hat! It was frigid cold here today - I didn't venture out at all. That's so great that your sister is staying with you! I'm thinking about you and can't wait to hear about your new arrival...who is still nameless??

Jennifer Golden said...

Thanks Christy, I can't get enough of my little guy!

Yep still nameless... Mark calls hi "P2". hahah

We have two names we just can't decide between and since we already have a middle name decided on I can't just be lame and use one of the names for the middle name :)