Thursday, December 3, 2009

All call to arms from a fellow mom - "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE?"

My cousin has a very, very cute little girl with fantastic little dimples and curly hair I would kill for that I'm sure she'll just hate when she gets older...but I'd still kill for them... anyway, this beautiful daughter is giving her mommy, my cousin, a hard time at bath time. Here's a link to her most recent post on the topic: The Moores: What Am I Doing Wrong Here? If any of you have some advice for her, please offer it up! I'll be reading her comments since I'm going through almost the same thing with my son!



Jill said...

Oh, you and your mom will have SO much fun in NYC. You probably know this, but check out Bryant Park. Bryant Park has a cute little holiday market set up, a ice skating rink, and a cute place to rest and have a cocktail.

Have FUN!

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

Thanks Jill! I can't wait! We plan to do all the touristy stuff since my mom has never been to NY... should be fun...if only I can get over this flu bug I seem to have!! :(