Friday, January 15, 2010

Streamers! Balloons! Party Hats!.... ho-hum

My son turned 3 years old on the 13th. Tomorrow, Saturday, will be his (and my) very first non-family-only birthday party thrown for him. I've been excited for months and dreaming up party theme ideas. I swear, if had no budget...what a party I could throw. I know.. I know... we all feel that way, but when my son decided he wanted a Spiderman theme I thought WOW!

How cool it would be to drape a giant spider web over the front of our row house! Cool huh? I even figured out how I could go about it and decided it really wouldn't be that hard! Black nylon roping, some tall ladders and willing workers...would be so damned cool. I could mirror that idea inside the house with a web on the largest wall in the house constructed for the kids to climb. Then I realized I wasn't She-ra and that the 3 hours of free time I have each day probably wasn't enough to organize it...but man I tell you I had it all figured out. Even had the neighbors picked out that I knew would be willing to help.

So, back to reality, I compensated for my dashed creative dreams by buying entirely too many Spiderman table cloths, streamers and dangling thingies. I'm sitting here tonight in the midst of figuring out where to put them (bec. you know I HAVE to use them all) and I'm stumped. I'm in spider man overload! I'm starting to think it might...just might... be a bit scary to a 3 year old. I mean look at him:

Spiderman can be scary to a 3 year old. Look at those eyes just staring at you, now imagine those eyes all over the room. Every where you look those eyes are there...looking at you. I think I better take a few down!

You know you can expect some birthday photos in the next few days!


Christy said...

So sorry we couldn't make it to the party Jenn! I know you all will have a ton of fun - and I can't wait to see the pictures! Miss yoi!

Suburban Princess said...

I cant wait to see your photos! I love parties!

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

Boo for Blogger! I've suddenly stopped receiving notices when people post comments! :( What happened?!

Anyway, Christy it's totally ok, I mean you ARE in a totally different state! ;)

Thanks Princess...I love partiess too...and even more was a blast and will craft some sort of post with pics soon!