Sunday, February 27, 2011

As a Woman... I Really Do Suck!

I’m so un-girly that it’s really quite pathetic when I do make girly attempts.  These comments come as I’m looking at a photo that was recently taken at work.  I have ended my stay-at-home mom gig to go back to my chosen profession of Executive Assistant.  I am currently working as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President of PBS. 

I’ve just finished my first week of work at PBS and sadly (tongue-in-cheek I say) all I can focus on is the photo that was taken and subsequently distributed to every single employee at PBS via the company emailed newsletter.  I have rarely worn make-up in life…I rarely go through the pampering rituals that I perceive most women undertake… and so when it was time to take an official photo to go along with my (first ever) published bio I got nervous and decided I needed to pay attention to my make-up that day and put on lipstick and well…brushed my hair - that was the extent of my girl-y photo-op make over.  The end result (posted above)… is classic Jennifer.  I remembered to put on a fresh application of lipstick before the photo was taken but did I think about the glasses I had shoved up to the top of my head (there-by making that stupid piece of hair stick out on the side and pretty much ruin the do)?   No.  I did not.  I was so engrossed in my work that when the Outlook meeting reminder popped up to remind me this dude was coming ‘round to take my photo all I had time to do was slap on some lipstick that at the time I was mighty proud to have remembered to bring lipstick to work.  I have girlfriends that would gasp at the fact that I don’t keep a second bag of full-on make-up at work for just such a thing.. but alas, I do not.. and there you have it.. .my very pitiful, very super-white-faced photo that went out to every employee in the company.

Perhaps I flatter myself to think that anyone is paying any attention at all to the bio and photo that was distributed on this past Friday’s newsletter and indeed I comforted myself by thinking most employees automatically delete the company newsletter without looking at it.  BUT!  NO!  I work at a different place than ever I’ve worked before… PBS is truly, in every since of the word, a family company… and people really do read these newsletters and within 30 mins of the thing being sent out I had an email from one of my CEO’s top executives stating he enjoyed reading my bio and pointed out a recent paths-crossed scenario where he too had worked at Discovery and interacted with John Hendricks (the founder).


I really suck as a woman.  Sorry my fellow women… I doubt I’ll ever change… at age 40…some things are just entrenched.

If it’s worth anything at all I have a very healthy (or unhealthy, as the case maybe) addiction to shoes!  THAT should balance out all my other non-girly attributes!


Christy said...

You do NOT suck! If you suck, I suck even worse. I thought the glasses were a nice touch - they make you look studious - which is good for a work picture. I haven't worn makeup in AGES AND AGES.

Jittabug522 said...

I think that's a great picture!! I wear mascara everyday, but that's about it. I consider my eyelashes one of my best physical features, pathetic huh?!? :) Congrats on finishing your first week at your new job!

Laura said...

Too funny, I was going to say also that I thought the glasses made you look studious. Well I suck as a woman too, lucky for us we have boys because then we'd really be in trouble.

Good luck with your test tomorrow. I'm sure it will be nothing. And your boss does sound awesome. I don't think I've come across someone like that before. Definitely not at Broadsoft he he.

Jenn @ My Kind of Strange said...

Thanks ladies! I feel better about the photo...but ...I think what it is more than anything is the fact that I rarely look in a mirror. So, I'm surprised to find when I see a photo of myself that I no longer look like the mental picture I have of myself - a 110 pound fresh-faced girl I was at age 20! ha!

Sandy said...

Jenn... you are too funny. You look fabulous in that picture so never fear. Also, I love your comment here. I also have an image of myself that NEVER matches any recent photos taken. :)