Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Review of Spill-Proof Cap Combo Pack

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Now little kids can drink from grown-up juice and water bottles — without spilling! These clever spouts turn plastic beverage bottles into instant sippy cups. No spilling, no leaking if the bottle gets tipped over. Includes four screw-on caps: two for wide-mouth juice bottles and two for diff...

So far...very disappointed!

By JennRGolden from Washington, DC on 12/2/2008


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Gift: No

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

I could not wait to get these in...what a great idea...but so far I have not found anything they fit! Doesn't fit the apple juice we routinely buy at the local coffee house, doesn't fit the milk bottle from the happy meal at McDonalds...nothing so far... VERY DISAPPOINTED...


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Christy said...

Good to know - I won't be buying them.