Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tastes and Opinions...don't we all have them?

Yesterday Peter and I headed out for the local Target. My plan was to pick up some stocking stuffers from the .99 section for Peter... and of course you know I got carried away and strayed from .99 section. I had all the toys and stocking stuffers I needed within minutes.

Still needed to fill a shopping urge I wander up to the kids' section...Peter needed some more PJs. I pick a couple of PJs I figure he'll like since he loves Monkeys these days I had a couple of monkey PJs... Then I hear from Peter yelling from his carriage..."NO!". I turned around expecting to see some woman leaning over to pinch his cheeks...yes, it happens a lot..and very often without asking me if it's OK. Now that I've learned the Latin culture is just that way with kids (at least as far as I've seen) I'm more relaxed about, it but it definitely used to get me all up in arms. In case you haven't read in my previous posts...I live in a very heavily Latin neighborhood. Anyway, that was not the case here...he seemed to be saying NO for no reason. So I continue with my shopping, chatting with Peter as I always do. How do you like these PJs, as I hold up the monkey PJs...NO! he says again..hmmm...strange... he ususally doesn't care...I point out the monkeys...No, no monkey!! he says...ok. I put them back, let him out of the stroller and let him walk with me as I hold up various PJs...over and over I get NO... I figure he's in the No-Zone until I hear "hooooo....oohhh!!!" as he sucks in his breath and points... he runs over and starts saying Choo-Choo! Choo-Choo!, pointing a set of Thomas the Train PJs... I find his size, hold up and say you want these....Da. he says (that's yes). Oh boy, I think...he's not even 2 and has his opinions already. Then I hear it again, "hooooo....oohhh!!!" sucking in his breath again. This time he's pointing at a pair of PJs that has a very 1950s cowboy theme on it. I would NEVER have picked it out for him...but I'm guessing he likes the horses. I hold up one in his size again and say you want this? Da. ok, PJs purchased I move on.

I finish my shopping and head home. I'm unpacking the bags at home being careful to keep the stocking stuffer toys out of his sight when I hear "P!...P!...P!..." It took me a bit but I finally figured out he wanted his PJs...I take them out and hand the two sets of PJs to him. He grips and hugs them like his teddy bear...he walks off mumbing P...P...P... and goes and curls up with them on the couch. Minutes later he's back at my side with the PJs in hand... "On? on?" he I say...those are for bed time. "OOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!" he screames.... of course I give in because it's easier. Yes, I realize this creates a monster... I promise myself each time I do it that next time I'll stand my ground. He insists I put on the Choo-choo PJs...he was happy after I got the on him...

This morning (still in his Choo-choo PJs by the way) he demanded I put on his 1950s-looking cowboy PJs...he's in them now playing and have a good time. :)

I have a clothes horse I think.


Christy said...

Hahaha! That is a really funny story. Love it. Now you have to post photos of him in both, you know!

Christy said...

Hi Jenn - I've just tagged you with a meme. See my post from today for details. You're it!