Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peter's Valentine's Day cards

This year I had Peter make his Valentine's Day Cards. We started out by having him go crazy painting on huge sheets of paper. He did about 3 rounds of this over about a week. Which was perfect because the week we chose to work the temperatures here in D.C. hit highs of about 25...kind of cold.

After allowing his paintings to dry I traced hearts on the paintings and cut them out.

While I was tracing and cutting I gave Peter several sheets of construction paper to "write" his notes. He had a stack of paper, a pile of markers, pens and crayons and had a blast.

Finally, after I was finished cutting out all the hearts and he was finished writing all of his notes, he sat in my lap and helped me glue everything to large sheets of construction paper....


Voila...Peter's Valentine's Day cards:

Hopefully I'll get all the envelopes addressed and mailed within the next couple of days!