Friday, November 13, 2009

Nepali by TDM Scarf Giveaway

Click your way on over to Savvy Mode to where she's giving away this scarf valued at $145...not only is it a fabulous giveaway, it benefits a cause:
NEPALI by TDM Design provides sustainable income to Nepalese women and helps weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them above market compensation and access to education and health care. NEPALI by TDM Design assists in empowering Nepalese women, their families and their communities. Michelle and Michelle believe that income generation opportunities and support for social values enhance and reinforce each other. TDM strives to strengthen the role of women in today’s Nepal and educate their children as the country moves forward. (info via TDM Design)

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

going there now, love it!!