Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wear This to Work?

In continuing my search for a suit I was shopping Lord & Taylor's One Day Only, On-line Only 40% off sale on their suits and wandered off course to their dresses section. I click the sub-category under dresses for "wear to work" among the results was this:

Really? This is Lord & Taylor's advice of what to wear to work?

I know there are people out there who have jobs in creative fields where you could get away with this; but typically when you see "wear to work" it means more traditional business attire. I think the accessories on this outfit (particularly the headscarf and shoes, I could probably be OK with the chunky bracelets at work) really set it apart from the rest of the business attire clothes listed...definitely the embellishments on this outfit remove it from what I would think of as typical business attire.

Back when I was still showing my art work in galleries I could see myself wearing something like this; but certainly not now that I'm in a suit-wearing environment.

Can you wear something like this to your office? Yes? Where do you work - would love to know where this would fit in...

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