Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you up yet?!

7:15 am – One email: “Are you up?”
7:35 am - One off-line IM message: “Are they on their way?”
and two missed phone calls on my cell phone, all of them from my Mother.

What was so urgent that warranted the blitzkrieg of messages? My mom, my son’s Grandmother, was getting to have my son over for the day and for a sleep over. I am so very happy that my Mother loves her Grandson so darn much. I am doubly lucky that she’s pretty much a Peter Pan and just one over-grown kid!

While all these messages are being left I’m upstairs with my son who has just woken up. Usually I have to sit in his room for about 15 minutes trying to coax him into a diaper change and clothing change. Not this morning! All I had to say was let’s get dressed to go to Grandma’s!! He runs over and lays on the bed and waits for me to change him! Wow, I wish I could use that ploy every morning! It seems my Son’s feelings are mutual for his Grandmother! He just LOVES her! As I’m changing his clothes he says the names of my Mother’s three cats: Bubba (short for Bacchus), PeeWee (short for Calliope), and Bella. He likes to shoot my Mother’s Nerf gun at the cats. :) He is a boy after all!

I am just as excited as they are…it means I get a nice, quiet, peaceful day with no children’s TV in the background, no children’s music playing, no screaming and crying because it’s nap time – which, by the way, my Mom never has had to deal with! I guess she has some magic dust she sprinkles over Peter to make him sleep! She claims he just passes out on the couch around nap time! I’m soooo jealous of that! But I’m glad someone can make this happen!

I couldn’t LOVE my Mother more!!!!


DianneM said...

AMEN to loving the grandmothers. If mom weren't around to save me from Linley, I might go crazy.

Christy said...

That is so awesome Jenn. I hope you have a fabulous day! You deserve it! My parents are visiting us in a couple weeks and Matt and I are looking forward to our first evening out since Fiona was born - woohoo!!!