Friday, May 29, 2009

Artomatic 2009 is here and I'm not there!

Well, Artomatic 2009 is here and I'm not participating AGAIN! I'm so sad. I really do miss creating my paintings and losing myself in thought over ideas for paintings and just spending countless hours in my studio just drinking wine, listening to my music and playing around with the paints... miss all that freedom! It seems I'm not nearly as creative when I have to schedule in time to be creative for a limited time. So...knowing that on Saturday from 2-4p.m. that my husband will have both children out of the house, for example, does not necessarily mean I will be creating a masterpiece (not that I think I ever HAVE created a masterpiece, but you get the idea).

Frankly, I never really did paint for success or with crazy dreams of making a fortune or gaining notoriety. I just liked to paint. I can't even use the phrase "I paint because it's such a good release"...really not true. So, here I am 2 and half years after my first son was born and I can't even tell you where my paints and canvases are...somewhere in the basement. The easel is easy enough to find, it sticks up over everything else in the basement. I presume my paints are close by.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent. If you don't know what Artomatic is it's basically a gathering of all local artists in a "found space" usually a building destined to be demolished, remodeled or recently built. Essentially a very large empty building. It's not a jurried exhibit and any artist can show...makes for some incredible stuff!! A real art free for all! Not just paintings, but sculptures, glass work, installations, dancers, musicians, everything creative you can think of! It opens tonight and runs through July 5th. Check out the calendar on their website for events:

Here are some photos from the last time I was in Artomatic (2004!):

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Christy said...

Matt and I went to that artomatic - we have pictures in front of your art too. I'm sure one day, when the kids are older and you have more free time you'll find those paints from the basement and whip more masterpieces. Because you do - you are incredibly talented Jenn!!!