Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kiss my boo-boo!!

It's feast or famine with me... two posts per day!!!

Our son, Peter, is two and a half years old.  He is in full investigative mode at this age - he's exploring his world.  As a result, we get lots of boobos.

Fingers pinched in doors, slammed inside boxes, and pinched in gears.  His tongue has been snapped closed in a small box.  His ear lobe got a nice little booboo when he decided the chip clip would be fun clipped there (fingers suffered that injury too).  With each instance comes the tears, the exclamation of "another boo boo again!!!"  and the request of "momma clean!" which does NOT mean to wash it off and put Neosporin on ...this makes him cry more, "Momma, clean!" means KISS it better.  I am to kiss the booboo all better.  Which of course I do.  

Hurt feelings constitute a booboo as well.  For instance, when he gets in trouble for oh say... beating the cat with a balloon, or hissing at the cat and giggling.  He'll cry after getting into trouble and say he has a booboo.  I guess, in a way, it's good he can recognize that hurt feelings are booboos too.

So today, I had a couple of requests for booboo kisses:

I come home from a doc appointment and am greeted by my son who has fresh booboos on his FACE!  I swear, I leave him with my husband for just a couple of hours and ... 

Well, it's not my husband's fault.  As you all know, we live in Washington, DC.  In fact, we live just a short 10 minute walk to the National Zoo, which is free.  So trips to the zoo are almost a daily occurence for us.  Today, my husband made a trip with our two year old to the zoo.  Peter likes to ride in his stroller and hop in and out to look the animals.  He's very, very good about letting us know he wants out and waiting for the stroller to stop before getting out.  So, we never strap him in.  Today my husband was trucking along with my son in the stroller and hit a stroller-wheel sized pot hole, the stroller came to a dead stop and ejected my son straight out of it on to his face!!!  He managed to escape the whole thing with a scrape on the chin and nothing worse.  So, another request to "Clean it" (again, this means Kiss it) came when I got home today - it seems the request can be made hours after the event.

Later on this afternoon I am changing what has to be a world record of a poop diaper when I see he has developed quite a red butt.  He's been battling some stomach issues lately and the constant poopy diapers and wiping his butt has taken its toll.  I reach for the Desitin and notice a split second too late that he actual has some broken skin...on goes the Desitin, out comes the screaming ... "Mama!!  Boo boo again!!! CLEAN IT!!"; "No, honey," I say, "Mamma can't kiss this booboo better."  "CLEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  More tears.  So, being the good mother I am... NO! I didn't kiss it... I made the kissy sound and just tapped his sore little buttocks with my finger.  Poor kid...poor me... what? you thought I'd honor my sons's request to kiss his butt?!  Trust me that's not happening now or later in life when he makes the same request as a teenager for difference reasons!   

By the way, you get some very interesting image results when you Google images for "kiss, boo boo"  so, yeah, no photo on this one.....     :|

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DianneM said...

Hilarious. I hope you read this post to him at his rehearsal dinner someday.