Monday, May 25, 2009

Unemployed, but busy!

I've been pretty lax in posting lately.  Mostly because of, well, life!  Why has an unemployed woman been too busy to post?  Well....

I've been planning a 110th Birthday party for my parents; they turn 50 and 60 years old this month.  Their birthdays are only one day (and 10 years) apart hence the 110th bday party - cool huh?!  The party was this past Saturday and I think it was a success.  I had a cake made, I hired a group of drummers to come in (this was the coolest part of the party), and decided to bring the food in myself (can you say Costco?!).  The drum circle made the party a success, since the bulk of the guests were research scientists I was concerned they would all be a bit too reserved to join in on the drumming fun - but that was no issue at all, everyone had a blast!

THEN, my husband has been battling some work-visa issues - I think I've mentioned that he's Canadian, if not, well now you know!  So basically the renewal of his TN-visa was denied (we weren't surprised by that); it was denied a bit faster than we expected though.  We had already applied for a change in status since he's married to an American (me) and we are just waiting for that application to go through.  BUT...he's not allowed to work until either the change of status comes through or his application for a right to work comes through...whatever comes first.  So...VACATION TIME!!  

That leads to the OTHER thing I've been doing.  I've been spending time researching beach houses.  We really, really want the classic beach cottage type thing (ala old Hollywood) where you walk out your back door into the surf...I haven't been able to find anything like that on the East coast.  There are tons of cottages like that in California, however but we're not willing to fly all that way.  So, we may settle for a lake.  Still researching that one...

The other thing that has been filling my days is figuring out Paul's eating/sleeping patterns.  I guess they are still in flux, because he randomly sleeps for 6 hour stints - sometimes at night, sometimes mid-day.  I can't get this kid into a pattern for anything.  This equates to one tired mama!!

I can't be too angry with Paul though, because he's giving out the coos and smiles like crazy!  I love that he'll break into a huge smile the minute I walk into his line of sight...LOVE IT!  I haven't thought to get the camera out to catch it.  You can see my little man smile and coo at the video camera below.  We've seen him actually laugh a couple of times now too.  Mark was tickeling Peter while we were on the metro and everytime Peter laughed, so did was great!  The guy sitting behind us was very amused and kept laughing as well!  

Finally, all of this "research" is interrupted by my determination that everyday (no matter the weather) the boys and I get out of the house for some type of activity even if it's just to walk the block.  A few days ago we went to the Air and Space Museum where Peter went balistic playing in the hands on physics area.  Yeah.  He's a genius.  He'll be attending MIT for sure!  The day before that we walked to the Zoo (again).  The Zoo is by far the most requested outting.  The day before that we hit the Botanic Gardens and their kids' area courtyard again.  That was a big outting/walk.

So, life is busy in the Golden/Kushnir household.  Busy, but fun!

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Christy said...

Wow Jenn it sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun getting out and about. Don't have any advice re: sleeping patterns, but good luck!

And if you're open to going to florida, you should check out the tidemark residence club on anna maria island, where we just vacationed. It's only a two hour flight, then a 45 minute drive from Tampa. Best beach vacation ever.

For the cottage feel, look on block island, rhode island, and nantucket and martha's vineyard. Or Chatham Mass, if you just want to to drive. A long way. But I've been to all those places and have seen just what you're looking for there. Email me if you want!

Can't wait to see you this summer!