Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I don't juggle, but I think I'm doing a good job of it

I posted this on Facebook about my day today and thought it was a good post here too:


- Get up to screaming baby, nurse him.
- Go downstairs to find hubby working and 2 year old tearing up living room.
- Ignore mess in living room and start making coffee.
- Ignore 2 year old sitting on foot and gripping leg while I walk around kitchen.
- Make waffles with two your old sitting on foot and holding leg while walk around kitchen.

~~~~drink some coffee!~~~~~~~

- Two year old tugging on shirt and constantly repeating "Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!""Go bye-bye to Zoom!" (zoom is his word for Zoo)
- Announce to family waffles are ready
- Two year old screams in joy over syrup and wakes up 2 month old
- Eat half my waffles because two year old has eaten other half

~~~~drink some MORE coffee!~~~~~~~

- Nurse baby again
- pack up kids and head to bookstore because it's raining and hubby needs quiet time to work on slides for office
- realize I'm hungry and head to Maggiano's for lunch where idiot teenager or college student tells me they don't allow strollers in the restaurant and offers to put my baby in a high chair.
- explain to idiot teenager/college student that my baby is only two months old and can not sit in a high chair yet.
- finally realize that idiot teenager/college student is not going to let me eat in the restaurant despite it being 2pm and totally empty.
- walk down to Clydes
- get crayons and books out for 2 year old to play with while I nurse the baby and eat a hamburger at the same time
- walk back to car to drive to grocery store
- arrive at store and have to use bathroom, unload both kids from shopping cart to use bathroom
- come out of bathroom to find shopping cart gone
- go back to front of store and get another cart
- get shopping done and come back to car to find some asshole has parked their minivan so close to the car that I can't get in, let alone wedge the baby & carseat in.
- security guard offers to watch the baby while I back the car out.
- get in car from passenger side and back out.
- put baby in back seat of car while asshole in SUV honks and security guard goes back to tell him to chill
- drive home
- in 10 mins it took to drive home 2 year old has fallen asleep because we missed his nap with this little outting
- sit in car and wait to let 2 year old sleep
- baby gets hungry and cries and wakes up 2 year old.
- get out of car and wait for traffic to die down enough to open car door and get screaming baby out.
- walk around to other side to get toddler, groceries and my bag out of the car
- waddle across the street holding hand of toddler and his balloon (procured at grocery store) in one hand, the car seat with screaming baby and 4 bags of groceries in the other
- get in house put away groceries (baby still screaming and hungry)
- sit on couch and nurse baby
- log on to facebook.

.... whew.....


Christy said...

Oh my god Jenn. You are one brave woman to do all that alone. I'm APPALLED that maggiano's doesn't allow strollers. How is that even legal? It's total discrimination.

And that parking lot scene has happened to me before too. At times like I wish I had lipstick so I could write "shame on you" on their windows...like my grammy once did in the same situation.

Hope you get the kids to bed early tonight and enjoy a glass of vino.

Jennifer Golden said...

Thanks Christy! I have to admit, never before I had children, did I ever think to look and see if I'm parking next to a vehicle with carseats in it or not...I do now and I give them extra space if possible. But car seats or not, that guy was so close to me it was impossible for ME to get in...PLUS...there were literally dozens and dozens of empty spots in the garage.

I didn't even THINK of the discrimination aspect of the Maggiano's trip. The thing is my mom lives up the street from this particular Maggiano's and every other Friday we eat lunch there at peak lunch hour and NEVER ever have a problem getting seated. So why at 2pm after the mad lunch rush it was problem I don't know... I wanted to scream!!!

Sandy said...

the little graphic you posted with this is just perfect. :) what a day!

Jennifer Golden said...

@Sandy: I know, huh? I Googled Images for "frazzled mom" and found it! :)