Friday, April 17, 2009

No Boys Allowed!!

Here's Peter at the Zoo watching the fish in the pond:
Today was just great! We had a blast! We headed out the door after breakfast around 9:00am and didn't get home until about 3:30. We went to the zoo, ate at a favorite Greek deli, and wrapped the day up with a trip to our favorite playground. I got in tons of walking - which was desperately needed exercise!
Peter was just adorable at the Zoo today. We have a pattern, of sorts. We always walk to the Zoo and go in the back entrance near the parking lots. Near this entrance is a pizza playground - essentially a giant foam padded plastic pizza with movable "toppings" for the kids to play on. Peter loves it. But today instead of heading straight to the pizza playground he said "no mama, moo!" and ran straight for the cows and the petting zoo. :)

Peter at the Pizza playground, playing with the Olive Tree that explains where olives come from:
After our walk through the zoo and out the front entrance we stopped for Gyros at Byblos on Conn Ave...good eats! Then walked from there (the long way so I could get Peter to take some sort of a nap) to the playground. Peter and a boy his age (that we've seen at the playground since Peter was born) played soccer...or as best as 2 year olds can play soccer.
Before the soccer game commenced Peter was playing on a fort with a slide where a group of older girls were pretending it was a hotel. One girl stood at the entrance of the fort yelling "NO BOYS ALLOWED!!" Peter thought this was quite funny and started helping the girl out by yelling NO BOYS!!!! and then exaggeratedly laughing over and over again. I'm not sure if he realizes that meant him too or not - but why interfere? He was having a blast!
Finally it was time to go home for a popsicle. It was a 70 degree day with sun and a slight breeze and lots of really good attitudes...PERFECT!

More Fish watching:

We couldn't get him to leave the fish! We're walking away and he couldn't care less!

Peter's beloved fish:

Finally, here are a few shots of Peter at the playground today:

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