Friday, April 3, 2009

Paul is 1 month old!!!

Well, he's a month old on the 5th, but he had his 1-month check up at the doc's office today.

How we've made it a month, I have no idea. I can hardly believe it's been a month already! Paul still has his nights and days mixed up and everything I read says not to try and fix it by waking him up. So I'm just sticking to moving him downstairs with our lights and noise during and the day and at night moving him to his nursery where it is warm, dark and quiet.

The nights have been very rocky! He battles some pretty bad stomach pains, but so far no sign of the infamous acid reflux babies seem to have these days...he has just plain old average new baby tummy ache associated with gas.

The kid can eat! He nurses constantly and I've finally been able to determine his signs for true hunger versus wanting to eat because he's upset or tired.

Paul's one month check up went well, he was measured, weighed, poked and prodded and it was determined he is healthy and growing perfectly. He also received his Hepatitis B shot; the first in a long, long succession of shots to come! He cried horribly, but before he cried he had this little pouty turned down frown and seemed to kind of look up at us - it was such a sad little face that even the nurse said "awwww". :( I nursed him for comfort after the shot and all was forgiven.

To round out Paul's 1 month check up day we carted him over to our local Post Office to get his passport photos taken - amazing right? Passport photos for a 1 month old!!! The US government requires passports for infants and because Mark's family is in Canada we needed to get a passport for our little guy. The really funny thing is the passport is good for five years. Peter's passport photo is of him at 1 month old too, he's now 2 years old and looks absolutely nothing like his photo. It will just be ridiculous by the time he is five years old!

So Paul's stats as of today:

Weight: 10 lbs. 5 oz
Height: 23 Inches
Head Circ.: 15 Inches
Adorability factor: OFF THE CHARTS
I added that one, the doc's office doesn't do that test! **GRIN**

Here's a video of Paul cooing and working himself up into a fit. The noise you hear in the background is his "Rainforest" toy that makes cricket sounds...

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Christy said...

Um yes he is off the charts adorable. If you haven't already, also read or watch the DVD of the Happiest Baby on the Block series. Hope the sleep is getting better for you all!