Sunday, April 19, 2009

Postpartum Yoga Mom

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For any of you that practice yoga, you know the benefits - I don't need to get on a soap box about how amazing it makes you feel. For me, it has always, always made all the stress in my back just go away.

So, after having done NOTHING to stay fit for over 2 years, since the birth of my first son, and used the pregnancy of my second as an excuse to continue to do nothing...I'm back on the yoga wagon!

So...imagine my surprise at how very different the moves all felt with this gigantic belly I have right now! Ugh..I'm still limber enough to sit with my legs out straight and fold all the way down with my forehead touching my knees...but what gets in the way is my huge freaking belly! Where did that come from?! Thanks Peter...thanks Paul! : OK...and another thanks to Ben & Jerry's! double grin! or double chin...whatever.

I'm doing it as best I can. I was always a stickler for trying to get the poses exactly right and now, thanks to my new shape it's damn near impossible.

So I'm on the road to body needs it. It's amazing how many body parts hurt from sheer weight. I have constant water retention (my ankles ... well, are gone), my back always hurts, my knees hurt, my arms swing (no not down by my sides while I walk... I mean the bottom part of my upper arms. When I wave bye I almost give myself a black eye!). My husband is a saint! He's still in the house with me, makes no remarks and I guess I should wonder if he's even noticed...whatever..I don't feel bad about my weight because of him...only because of me! As it should be.

I hiked up a steep hill today with the 12 pound baby strapped to my chest and thought I was going to die of a heart attack...those poor calf muscles haven't seen that much work in ages! I may start sprinting up the stairs in my house every time I have a moment to get a jump start on things! I kid...

I've only been cleared for yoga (so ignore that I hiked today up big hills ... shhhhh) but I'm aching to get down on the floor and crunch out some sit ups! Ah well...stay tuned...I'm taking before and after shots of my bod but I'm not posting them until I see some results! Wouldn't that be embarrassing to post the before now and never reach any kind of noticeable result?! yikes! depressing...won't happen.

stay tuned...

- The Postpartum Yoga Mom

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Christy said...

Yeah for you! And bad for hiking up that hill - wait until you're really ready my friend! I am trying to get rid of that same belly bulge - it's just so freaking gross. Mine is, anyway! Go us!!!