Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yankers! - Again

I know... I already posted about these awesome one pieces for baby...but I just got my 0-3 month size in, washed and on the baby and I have to say - after a day of Paul wearing this outfit it has lived up to all my expectations! Such a cute little onsie with it's wide legs at the bottom (so 70's - love it!) and ... the best part is the no buttons, snaps, velcro, zippers etc. The whole deal with these "Yankers" is you yank them down and off the legs, change the diapers and yank them back up and it really is that easy! Fabulous!

The material is soft too - Paul seemed happy and I loved holding him in them - was super-duper cuddly! Now I wish I could get one in each color, but the combination of cost ($36 a pop) and the quick growth of my baby (already at 12 lbs at 1 month old), I'll have to maintain control and just get two colors in the 3-6 months size!

BIG time thumbs up on these! Here's the link:

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Christy said...

Coolio - thanks for the tip. Paul is SO CUTE!