Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Camp - I can't wait!!!

I’m having a stressful day today and my 2 year old is NOT helping matters. So, thanks to the response of my cousin to my Facebook status reminding me that summer camp is just around the corner, I am now dreaming and looking forward to my 2 year old’s up-coming summer camp! Woohoo!

Uhoh! And I’m also reminded that the stack of papers, forms and doctor releases are still stacked up on top of the radiator waiting for me to fill out and return to the camp ... gotta get on that!
Also among those stacks of summer camp papers is a list of things my son is to bring with him EACH DAY to camp:
Lunch (no peanuts or nut products!)
Swim suit
Full change of clothes (including socks)

So, I’m thinking this one through and realize I should probably put my son’s name on his belongings. Now, I could just whip out the Sharpie and write his name on everything. But why do that when I have this awesome opportunity to have some fun?! Check these out: Cute huh? Or what if I went with this:
Oh the possibilities. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t read my blog, he already thinks I spend money on senseless stuff and this would DEFINITELY fall into senseless. Especially since that Sharpie is already purchased and sitting with all the other writing utensils.

Any other ideas out there? How about summer camp warnings and tips...anything I should watch out for or do to make this whole first-timer's (for both me and my son) trip to summer camp as organized and painless as possible? Oh, and it's not the typical "camp" where he's sent off somewhere to sleep overnight for a month. No, it's a 3-day a week 9am-1pm type "camp".


Christy said...

Can I go too? And can you make labels for my clothes too! That sounds like so much fun!

Have you decided if/where he's going to preschool in the fall? Eileen was asking today.

Oh, and I just ate some crackers and cheese dip. Baby steps, right?

Jennifer Golden said...

Yeah well, I ate some Hershey's kisses :) But I didn't eat 50 of them!!!

We've decided to keep Peter home until both little guys are ready to go to preschool. 2011, that's the year for preschool and my return to work.

Laura said...

on the camp a few things I found that helped with Luke's transition to preschool (so a similar thing)
- a cool Lunch box with his name on it
- not sure how Peter is with eating, but Luke is Mr. Picky. We practiced eating lunch from his lunch box at home a few times before school started
- if you haven't left him at any drop off care before he might get upset when you leave him. At our school they advised not to draw it out, just to tell him you will be back after lunch and get out of there!

Luke is doing his first summer camp and I'm kind of excited about it too!


Jennifer Golden said...

@ Laura: Thanks for the tips..I did think of the drop-off issue - we will definitely have problems; but I never thought of the lunch box issue...Peter is EXTREMELY picky! I'll be sure to have him eat from the lunch box! Good tip!! Thanks!