Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation - it's just the best

Nothing says you're going on vacation more than packing the bags. Above is an image of what my kids' packed bag looked like before we left. I didn't used to be this anal with my packing - in fact I've been known to forget underwear for a two week vacation. I used to just throw things in the bag and leave. Gone are those days, at least where my children's packing is concerned.

Vacation days are nothing short of crazy, we're starting to fall into a rhythm but there are things I used to feel strongly about that just fall to the wayside. Our vacation took place on Lake Masawippi in Canada. So you have pretty warm days and darn cold nights. I'm usually dealing with the infant so my husband is left to dress, feed and bath our 2 year old. I have often seen my son come downstairs wearing blue striped socks, Hawaiian shirt paired with plaid shorts! I don't expect my two year old to be dressed like a Ralph Lauren magazine spread, but that combination of clothing hurt my head and was a bit embarrassing. So... the solution...bundles of clothes.

In that picture you see full outfits including a diaper bundled with a rubber band and for vacation I labeled them so my husband wouldn't tear them apart looking for shorts, a pair of thick warm pants, or whatever it was he needed at that moment. The plan worked perfectly. I do this for Grandma's house too (she gets shoes bundled with outfits too). So, at no point during our vacation did I witness my son wearing shorts in the cold or super thick pants in the heat. It was great. Not once did I hear during the bedtime routine "honey, where are his warm PJ's?" fantastic!

I use to try to keep Peter's clothes in bundles at home - but it was tedious work.

All our vacation photos are here:

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Christy said...

Oh my god Jenn you never cease to amaze me. I would have never thought to do that - brilliant. But time consuming - so I'm sure I'd never do it! Funny post!! haha!

Sandy said...

Wow... what a great idea. These days the kids dress themselves and honestly, the 4 year old does a bit better at matching than my husband. :)