Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Fine Day

I wrote the following post when I returned home from a visit to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Memphis this past summer. I can't remember why I didn't post it, but I found it sitting in my drafts folder and decided they needed their praises sung.


You know that bag Michelle Pfeifer's character carries in the movie One Fine Day? You know the one where throughout the movie she seemingly has every item possibly needed for any and every occasion or emergency? Rip in her stockings, voila another pair are in the bag; son spills food all over her shirt just before an important meeting, voila another shirt; it starts raining just as she and her son are heading to walk problem there's an umbrella for her and full head to toe rain gear for her son in that darn bag! Mother and I decided that's exactly the perfect analogy for describing my Uncle Mike and Aunt Gail's home. They have everything a guest could ever need! Not just guests, anything THEY could ever need. I'm not kidding! I don't know why they would need to go to the store for easily the next solid year!

They have a closet stocked full of all the household maintenance items you may need: shelves of light bulbs, batteries, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. This same closet has a treasure chest chock full of the freebie toys that are given away with Kids' Meals at fast food establishments. Seriously it's enormous! Heck, **I** got excited looking at that treasure trove of goodies! I wanted to dive in!

Moving on from that well stocked closet of necessities to the pantry...oh...I'm gaining weight now just thinking about that pantry...every snack, goody, and food under the sun! Whatever your favorite's there, no doubt! Oh and then there is the SECOND fridge outside in the garage that is full of sodas, popsicles, beer, and the like. Because, you know, the fridge in the kitchen was busting at the seams with all kinds of delectable things to eat and drink, so clearly all the other awesome stuff couldn't fit and they needed a whole second fridge. Just awesome!

Moving on to the rest of the house...we find every toy imaginable available for their grandkids; thereby making our trip incredible. I came with my toddler and infant in tow, so of course the guest bedroom has a crib for the baby and my Uncle brought up a rocking chair from downstairs for me to nurse the baby. Not that I would ever dream to request they rearrange their house just for me - they insisted! They are just that kind of people.

My toddler had a friggin blast sleeping in the fold out beanbag. Yeah, it's the coolest thing ever...the beanbag chair unzips and the stuffing is a queen sized mattress - this is soooo much better than an air mattress...I was jealous my son got to sleep on it. Don't think for an instant it's not comfortable, it's like sinking into a cloud! If you're curious they're here: I've been looking for an excuse to buy one....thinking the kids' bedroom may need it! :)

Moving on...they have every single (I think) Dr. Seuss book ever printed - my son discovered a love for Dr. Seuss while we were there: Hop on Pop and A Fish out of Water had to be purchased when we got home from the trip.

Still...more...the guest bathroom is stocked with shampoos, soaps, extra toothbrushes, hair care products, hair driers, hot rollers...everything!

So yeah, my Uncle & Aunt Thornton's house is just like Michelle Pfeiffer's bag in One Fine Day. Everything you would ever need is right where you would expect to find it!

I don't have many visitors stay at our house all that often...but I will now strive to come as close as I can to my Aunt and Uncles' home whenever I do have guests over again. Perhaps One Fine Day, I'll achieve a Thornton-esque home! I Love you guys!

I dug around trying to find a recent photo of them and found none with them together, so here's a picture of my Aunt and Uncle at a cousin's wedding about 2 years ago I guess:

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DianneM said...

I laughed really hard at this, perhaps it is b/c they are my parents or maybe it is just that hilarious picture of my mom you posted.
I AGREE on their house. I never pack hardly anything, b/c I know she will have it. She even had brand new underwear for me one time when I forgot mine!