Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paul Eating a Teething Biscuit

Another post? Well, yes - I have the video camera out today! Here's a quick (maybe longer than it should be) clip of Paul gumming on a teething biscuit. Yes, he's only 5 months old but he cut his first tooth at 2 months, so ...yeah, they're needed and he's ready. I just watch him carefully to make sure no giant chunks break off and choke him. It's definitely not something I leave him alone with. Other things Paul eats: pureed peas, bananas and rice cereal. I haven't gotten around to the oatmeal - we kind of skipped right over that. Paul LOVES to eat, he grabs the spoon when it gets near him and he shoves it in his mouth. I'll have to enlist Mark's help to get a video of that (hard to feed Paul and video tape him).

Anyway, here's Paul chomping on the teething biscuit: