Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Truth or a Big Fat Lie - THE ANSWER

Let me start by stating two things. First, I can't tell you how flattered (read with sarcasm) I am that so many of you think I can belch half the alphabet...not one person voted that this was the lie! Second, how sad that only five people voted...very sad...what? You don't like polls? It was totally anonymous...pht..whatever. ;)

Here are the Answers:

  1. Both my ex husband and my current husband are named Mark. True

  2. Can belch half the alphabet. BIG FAT LIE! How, why, did you all think I could or would even try this?!! soo soo funny !!! OK, as I'm typing this my Mom swears she voted this as my lie but it just didn't show on the results..hmmm...ok Mom...

  3. I am a physics/black holes/theory of all things fanatic! Totally True, I love reading about black holes and new theories in physics. I love reading what they've most recently discovered - it's like the true final frontier! I spend most of my time reading an article - hitting a word or subject I know little about and then off to the Internet to look up the word or topic ...then back to the article. So, yeah, it's slow going my reading/comprehension of the topic...but I love it!

  4. I have been known to make an entire batch of homemade chocolate icing with the soul intention of eating it straight from the bowl. TRUE!!

  5. Once traveled to California to meet a guy I had only known on the Internet. TRUE

  6. Shot a hand gun at age six. TRUE, actually i might have been younger. Hey, my sister was two years younger than me and shot the same gun that day! Four years old!! OK, here's the deal. My mom's boyfriend at the time had a huge bit of land in Tennessee. We were sitting on a small cliff he let us shoot the gun out across the ditch/cliff. that I have kids...I can say "way to go Mom"; you win NO PRIZES for this one! Sitting on a cliff?! Shooting hand guns?! Frankly, my mom didn't know...we were out there with him and if my six-year-old's memory is correct several of my mom's WAY TO GO ex-boyfriend/mom's friends...way to step up and say "hey, this child firing a handgun thing...yeah, that might not be a good idea." :)

  7. Spent $200 to have a half pound of French chocolate express shipped to me. TRUE

  8. Took a West coast touring vacation by myself from Seattle down to San Diego for my 30th bday; staying in youth hostels almost the whole way. TRUE, this was right after 9/11 too! I traveled I think it was just a few days after...I wasn't sure I was going to get to go because all the planes had been grounded. but they partially opened up the skies the day I was to leave. No one was on my flight except for like 5 of us. We were all bumped up to first class!

  9. Traveled to Los Angeles to live in an artist commune for two weeks. TRUE, but it's a bit of a stretch - so if you voted for this one as my lie - i might have to give it to you. It's sort of wrapped up in the meeting a guy I only knew on the Internet thing...

  10. Used to have competitions with my sister to see who could do the best #1 sign with their big toes. OH so TRUE! God, I crack up thinking about it now. :)


DianneM said...

5 is pretty pitiful. i love polls so do another one!

Sandy said...

Oh man... I was out of town and missed the poll. I would have totally filled it out and maybe got some of those about your trip to California correct. I remember you telling me that story now that I've read about it again. :) What fun! I should probably try to come up with a post like this.

My Kind of Strange said...

@ Dianne: Don't judge me! ;)

@ Sandy: I'd LOVE to see your list...I do think you and I have one thing in common on my list...

Christy said...

I love this list - and I totally guessed you didn't take a trip in CA by yourself! Doh!