Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Simple Days of my Childhood...

If only I were Plastic Man...I've thought this at least 100 thousand times since my first son was born. "If only I were plastic man I could form my arms into a cradle shape and gently ease him into the crib without him waking." or, "If only I were plastic man I could reach that damn burp cloth across the room without waking the sleeping baby in my arms."

Plastic man is my new favorite super hero. I didn't think much of him when I was a kid. I was ALL about Super Girl and Wonder Woman! I even had the Wonder Woman Underoos, so you KNOW I was a real fan! What ever happened to Underoos? Are they still around? If they are, do they make adult versions? I'd totally wear them...I'm sure my husband would just love it! Seems like these super heroes aren't as big of a deal as they were when I was kid.

I have the best memories of playing Superfriends with my next door neighbor, Chris. My sister was always the villain we had to get away from. We would pretend to fly by jumping off the bumper of Chris' mom's Volkswagen Beetle (yellow of course).

Chris was the instigator in a lot of my childhood memories. The apartments we lived in backed up to a big patch of woods and had a creek running through it; we weren't allowed back there. So you know the first thing we did when the parents went inside was hit the woods. I remember we once found a man camping back there and thought it was the coolest thing.

We once hid in the tall, tall grass that bordered the woods and watched as cars coming into the apartments rolled over our landmines we placed in the street (a row of rocks from one side of the drive to the other). It was a great hiding place, virtually none of the drivers ever saw us when they inevitably stopped their cars and got out to see what they rolled over.

Oh yeah and then there was the day Chris got a brand new bike. We raced around the neighborhood me on my pink huffy and him on his black whatever-kind-of-bike he had. Chris was popping wheelies all the time and for some reason my pink Huffy wasn't constructed for such an act, I couldn't get it up. I finally did and of course fell all the way back and knocked the wind out of me. Chris thought I was dieing and went and got his Mom.

Ahhh...the simple days of childhood.

I leave you with this awesome photo of my Mom, sister and I in our very 1970s outfits that I think my Mom had made (I'm the one on the right):

What's your best childhood memory?

*Images of Plastic Man and Underoos came from Wikimedia


Christy said...

You look just like your childhood self Jenn! So freaking cute. I had those great wonder woman underoos too - what ever did happen to them?! We used to play in them all the time too - great memories!

Anonymous said...

No.. i didn't make them.. I only made dresses for you guys once. I crocheted two beautiful dresses, took me 6 momnths. they fell apart the first time i washed them... never picked up a crochet hook again. these 2 dresses you guys helped me pick out.. you both wanted to look the same and fell in love with the long green. said you looked like Heidi... Mom