Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peter explains his Birthday plans

I mentioned in this post that Peter had explained what he'll have at his birthday party. I attempted to get him to do it again for the camera this morning. Sorry about how noisy it is in the video - that's Paul in the background fussing at his toys, I promise he's not being ignored that's just how he gets mad that he can't reach a toy.


Laura said...

Cute video! This could have been the evening at my house... Luke is CONSTANTLY talking about his birthday party, we got that same catalog in the mail yesterday, and we have those same pajamas.

Oh, and the Paul biscuit video reminds me - a friend of mine told me about these kind called "Baby Mum Mum" you can get them a whole foods. They have a rice one and a vegetable flavor. They really taste good, but the best part is that they dissolve easily and are not very messy.

My Kind of Strange said...

Yes Peter's obsessions lately are his birthday party and every morning he asks "dada go to work?" and I say yes and he says "P go camping?" ... he's missing summer camp :(

Thanks for the tip on Baby Mum Mum...I'll look for them