Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Camp is Over *sigh*

Ah well, summer camp for my 2 year old is over. I sigh because I know it was fun for him and I sigh in relief because thank God it's over for me. Why? See this post.

What are we left with from summer camp? We have a broadened vocabulary that includes "Sorry" and "Sorry, mama" Which is already being over-used. Other new words and phrases attributed to the summer camp experience are:

- Booger
- Attack!
- Mine (not a surprise on that one)
- Share
- My turn
- No please
- Jim did it (we never did get to meet Jim, but it seems he did a lot of things and continues to do them in our home)

I know there are others, I just can't get them to come to mind right now. We also came away from Summer camp with a whole host of crafts and photos. In the end, a good experience for all!


Christy said...

What adorable photos and crafts! I want to go to that camp, please. Sorry mama, Jim did it. Too funny!!! Glad the hellish commute is now a memory!

My Kind of Strange said...

The best was riding home on the bus with all those crafts, someone ALWAYS made a comment and you tell Peter loved it. My favorite was the tie (the red thing on the right side of the photo). He had on a collared shirt that day so when he wore the tie home it looked sooo perfect, it was adorable!