Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm a bitch and my kids are brats!

You know me...peaks and valleys....feast and famine...

I'll do 3 posts in one day and then go silent for a week. So here I am after a long silence and what has me blogging? A gripe of course!

So...the boys and I are in Starbuck's today, post playground and very hot, tired and hungry. I grab a sandwich and Peter gets his favorite fruit cheese and crackers thingy. We sit down to eat (Paul by the way is strapped to my chest in the carrier sound asleep) and before I can get the food out I swear I hear the woman across from us sigh loudly and say Oh God, here we go. I figure she's talking to her laptop and continue with getting our food out and on the table.

Peter is busy swinging his feet while he sits in his seat and watching out the window for dogs. "Mama, Dogs come?" he keeps saying over and over while his foot bangs on the table. "I'm sure they will, keep watching." Bang...Bang...Bang.... (his foot still going on the table).

OK, I say, food is ready, dig in.

Another sigh from laptop chick. Again, I have to assume she's frustrated with something she is reading.

Peter cheers loudly for the food. He cheers anytime you tell him anything is ready, it's just his happy nature. :)

More grunts and noise from laptop chick.

Peter is still banging his foot on the table, asking about dogs, eating his food and frankly being very good. He stands up in his seat and screeches...DOGS MAMA!!! OH GOOD, I say. He watches the dogs walk by and starts naming the colors of the dogs and exclaiming there are two.

Laptop chick is on her cell phone now. I here her explaining to some person on the phone that she was having an impossible time concentrating because of (get this) "...some bitch and her little brats..."

OH..... anger!!! I couldn't believe it. A thousand remarks ran through my head of what I should say. A thousand ideas of what I should do. I realize I'm staring at her while I'm thinking all of this - no clue what the look on my face was.

The nerve of this woman, right? She's sitting in a public place, under the speakers of the loudly playing music I might add, and has the nerve to complain that my happy child watching dogs is a brat and that subsequently I'm a bitch?

I submit that someone else is a bitch.

So, an open note to all you public forum laptoppers:

Yes, it's super-cool that you have the latest color apple computer with which to peruse the Internet or "work"; but please, seriously, don't expect peace and quiet to work - YOU ARE IN A PUBLIC PLACE IN A BUSY CITY WHERE LIFE HAPPENS!! If you want quiet, take that swanky laptop to the only public place where you are guaranteed quiet: the library.

Rant is complete. Yes, I really do feel better now, thank you.


Brett McCoy said...

Some people... grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Thats crazy... she's the bitch for sure! I got some looks from some a-hole once when I took Luke to Panera for lunch. It was the same thing, he was being his usual exuberant self. Some people just need to get over themselves.

Christy said...

Wow I can't believe her nerve. She's seriously unhappy -- that's what I always tell myself when I encounter people like that. I feel sorry for them - to be able to be do upset at nothing. Poor soul.

Sandy said...

Laptop chick is surely someone without kids of her own. How annoying that YOU had to put up with HER! Good for you for maintaining your cool, Jenn.

peter_kushnir said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you sure this wasn't my next door neighbor? she doesn't think we should use our bathroom because it disturbs her in her home... hahahaha..

come on bitch let's take the brats back and lie in wait for the "perfect little lady".,.. you know I can make my neutral comments loudly :) mom

Jittabug522 said...

I commend you for not kicking her ass!! Situations like that make me wish I had more guts to say something than I do, because I never do. So annoying!