Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chatting with Peter

Peter heading off to school this morning -
all we ever get anymore is the "cheese" face.
Today was a really great day for chatting with Peter. He had me in stitches and I just can't wait to see what he comes up with as he gets older. Let's see if I can remember everything we discussed today.

This morning before going off to school Peter asked (as he does every morning):

P: "Dada go work?"
Us: yes
P: "Peter go work?"
Me: Peter, you want to go to work with daddy?
P (quiet a while [I guess thinking]): "No, Peter go work school." :)

My husband has been driving Peter to school for me this week so all I have to do is take the bus to pick him up in the afternoon. So I guess Peter figured he was going to work too.

On the way home today we're sitting in the bus and, not looking away from the window (as if in deep thought), Peter says:

P: Mama?
Me: Yes?
P: P have puppy? (Peter often refers to himself as P, thanks to my husband calling him this)
Me: You want a puppy?
P: Yes
Me: What kind of puppy?
P (without hesitation): GREEN!
Me (laughing): Where do we get a green puppy?
P (pause for thought): School.

I have questions for the school tomorrow. :)

I over heard this as Peter and my husband were making their way upstairs for their bedtime routine:

Husband: We'll have a nice bath, read some books, snuggle in and go to sleep.
P: No bath
Husband: Maybe we will just wash up real quick.
P: No fast bath.
Husband: Well, I don't had lots of fun at school and are dirty. Let's just wash the dirty spots.
P (frustrated): No dirty spots
No bath was taken. I think Peter got a quick wipe down with a wash cloth. :)


Brett McCoy said...

It's a delight when you can have a conversation with your kid! My son, Ian, is a latetalker* and only started talking when he was 3 years and a couple of months (he's almost 5 now), and he's now at the point where I can talk to him on the phone or have silly conversations in the car like you had with Peter on the bus.

*the clinical diagnosis is PDD-NOS, which is almost, but not quite, like autism.

Laura said...

These conversations just get better and better. Luke has us just rolling some times.

Man, I wish I was less writing-challenged and could write a blog to keep track of memories of this kind of thing. Too much math/engineer brain here....

Christy said...

Ooh too cute. Post more of these conversations! I can't wait till Fiona can talk.

So what's up with the green puppy?!

My Kind of Strange said...

I'm guessing the green puppy is from a Dr. Seuss book or something like that...i am painfully curious! I'll ask when I pick him up today. :)