Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urban vs. Suburban

Such an obvious topic with such easy and obvious pros and cons. So I'll not get into that. What has me posting today was a conversation I recently had with an acquaintance who lives out in the suburbs. While discussing some other subject she casually mentioned something about the kids always falling asleep during errands and how although running errands was a pain it was nice to get home and have some peace and quiet for a bit after the errands.

I asked how she gets them out of the car seats and into bed without waking them. Honestly, I was ready with pen and paper to write down this bit of advice because I can never make the transition without the kids waking. Her response (got your pen and paper ready?): "Oh I just let them sleep it off in the car."


What I thought:
Immediately thought of the countless stories I've heard of babies roasting to their death strapped into their car seats in the summer heat. What the hell...it's hot out! .... there are crazies who will steal your children...do you leave the car running for the a/c? If so, are you concerned the kids will disengage the break (her toddler can let himself out of his car seat)?! what the F*&*?! How are you someone I know...how have your children survived you this long?! JESUS CHRIST!

What I said:
"Oh. Well, that's not something I can do in the city."

Seriously, even if she does have a garage (not sure, never been to her new home)... this just makes me uncomfortable to know it's going on. My precious cargo will NEVER be left unattended in the car like that ... NEVER!

Please, someone, post a response and tell me I'm overreacting, put my mind at ease...give me some scenario where this might be OK...because this woman has lost my respect and I'm sitting here worrying for her kids right now!


Laura said...

Well I am not fortunate enough to have this problem since Luke has fallen asleep exactly once in the car in the last 3 years. Even on a 9 hour car trip.

I do know of other people that do this. I don't think they do it in summer. Usually they get a chair and sit out in driveway with the kid or close the garage door and leave the car door and door to house open.

Thornton Thoughts said...

The few times I did this I just kept driving around until James woke up. Or I sat in the driveway and talked on the phone - with the car running. A neighbor used to be only be able to get her daughter to sleep by running the car. She would drive around a short while, go home and sit in the driveway with something to read, all while the car was running.

Momma Bear said...

i live in an urban area. If all 3 kids fall asleep in their carseats while I'm driving around and then when I get home they're still asleep, I park and hangout in the car until they wake up, with the a/c on. I usually try to keep a book in my bag so when this happens I'm prepared. I'm grateful for the break.

Sandy said...


You probably don't have all the details from your friend. The other commenters have shed some light on how it can be done safely. :) I have done it only a few times and every time the car is in my garage, car door open and my house door open and I check on the kid often. I have left the garage door open, but where we live *very* few people drive by our house. You have to live within a few houses of mine to actually have the need to drive by our house... so that's kind of nice. On more than one occasion, my garage door has been left open all night with all items in place the next morning. I see your point though that living in the city really limits your ability to leave a kid alone in the car for a nap. :)

My Kind of Strange said...

Sheesh... I feel stupid and a little dramatic... hahaha! I kept thinking and thinking trying to figure out how my otherwise sane friend could be doing this. I should have thought of sitting with them as that's exactly what I do when the kids fall asleep in the stroller. Lately, of course, 90 degree weather none of us can sit out in the heat while they sleep.

Well, THANK GOD, I didn't say anything to her - at least not in the tone of my post! ;)

Thanks everyone!! Please forgive my VERY emotionally girly moment. You may now go about your business and pretend I never said any of that. ha!

Christy said...

I drive Fiona around sometimes when she falls asleep...but haven't ever left her to sleep in the car by herself. I'm too much of a scaredy cat. If I were to do that, I'd be in the car with her with the heat/ac on, or sitting right outside it in a folding chair!