Monday, August 3, 2009

Bento to Go!

Peter has been in summer camp since the end of July. Although, we are forced to refer to it as summer school, because the first day of summer camp when we said - "Are you ready for summer camp?" Peter jumped up and down and shrieked with sooo much excitement because he thought he was going camping and wanted to bring his tent his grandmother had given him last Christmas. This one:

Anyway, summer school has been a great experience for Peter. He goes three times a week from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Silly me, I thought I was going to get a little break this summer while he was away - but didn't pause to think what a half day meant for me in travel time. As I've mentioned numerous times...we are a one car family. That one car goes to work with my dear husband and the kids and I hoof-it everywhere. Not a big deal, in fact I prefer it. I always feel like I'm unpacking the circus every time I get the opportunity to keep the's a real pain in the butt! It's soooo sooo much easier to pack up the stroller and whip out the door than to haul the baby car seat to the car and get hoisted in, then get the toddler strapped in, then the stroller goes in the trunk and the diaper bag in the back seat - no wait, move it to the front seat because the toddler likes to unpack the diaper bag and throw the contents everywhere. Add to the fact we are rarely in the car my son gets super-duper antsy really fast when we are finally in the car. Because when we take the stroller he can hop out and walk whenever he wants.

ANYWAY, I got off on a tangent, what the point is...getting to Peter's summer camp is a series of buses and walking that takes roughly and hour to an hour and a half (it's a 10 min. drive in the car). So...up in the morning, haul the kids on the bus (which Peter enjoys immensely!) and drop Peter at school. Paul and I get back on the bus to go home, get Paul down for a nap and as soon as he's up we're back on the buses to pick Peter up and THEN BACK on the buses again to get home.'s tiring and I'm thankful this is the last week.

Still...another tangent...the POINT to this post is Peter's lunches! I've been having so much fun finding cute little things to send off for Peter's lunch time. I really enjoy packing away little surprises for him. (I'll post some other time about my mistake of sending cheese-peanut butter crackers to ...that was bad news!). ANYWAY (again off on a tangent)...I bought these adorable bento boxes for Peter to use while in school. Never mind I didn't get them until last week - I plan for him to use them when he starts daycare this fall. Here's my first bento to go for fun making these!!!


Laura said...

Wow, what a cool lunch! Now I feel like such a slacker with our lunches we pack for Luke.

I'm with you on the effort involved in camp drop-off and pick-up. I've been running around all summer. On the one day I am home I often have to wake the baby up from his nap to go get Luke.

Oh, and we had the same confusion about camp being camping. Too funny!

My Kind of Strange said...

Laura, you've been doing the packing-a-lunch thing longer than me...I'm positive the novelty of packing lunches will wear for me at some point and all this effort I put into packing lunches the night before will dwindle down to throwing some pre-pkgd crap in a brown bag minutes before we leave the house! :) PLUS, I'll be heading back to work full time in a couple of I'm sure these wonderfully (almost) balanced meals will end soon. I say almost balanced because the kid REFUSES to eat vegetables. We're still sneaking veggies into his diet with V8 Fusion drinks!

Christy said...

Those are super cute! And I'm so impressed that you bring your kids on a bus. I have NEVER been on a public bus. Is that weird?

My Kind of Strange said...

I had never, never, never taken public transportation (including a taxi) before I moved here. The buses in Memphis are an entirely different creature (yes CREATURE) than here. :) They are frightening.

Babe in Babeland said...

Hi! I'm a first-time commenter. I like your blog!!

Those are awesome lunch containers. Love them! Glad you're having fun making lunches.

My Kind of Strange said...

@Babe - THANKS! for leaving a note, it always makes me so excited to see someone new is reading. Stopped by your profile...LOVE that profile picture - it's fantastic!!!

jennifer.kushnir said...

Lucky why does he get cool lunches I want a cool lunch like that!!!!!!