Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm tired this morning. My 4 month old is teething and snotty-nosed...he was up all night and so that means I was too. The days that I'm extremely fatigued are golden days for my oldest son because I just don't care. I let him do things I wouldn't normally do, I don't jump up and come running when I hear something crash to the floor (provided the crash is not glass). I lay on the couch in a half-comma and just do what I have to do - breast feed the baby, get food and drink out for the toddler and the rest can be hanged! We're lucky if I bother to try to put my oldest down for a nap because it requires effort. Yes, I'm that tired! I can't seem to catch up on my sleep!
So, the result of not watching over my two year old this morning was this:

He unrolled an entire brand new roll of paper towels just to get to the tube in the center! Ah...to have the unfettered logic of a two year old. No hang-ups about waste, no second thoughts about the cost, just the fun of it. I started to get upset and then stopped and said..ah have fun kid!

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Christy said...

Oh that is too funny. What a cutie pie. And I hear you - I hated those days so much...you'll get through it. He'll learn to sleep better and will want to feed less. In the meantime, enjoy couching it and keep taking pictures and posting them! Love them!