Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Realizing I'm getting Old (but it's OK)

It seems there are many things in my life lately that are insisting that I take notice of my age and finally admit that I'm getting old. My high school is hosting a 20 year class reunion for my graduating class this weekend; I keep hearing my beloved 80s songs on the classics stations; and earlier this evening I was tasked with the job of compiling a stack of photos and memorabilia to prove to the US government that my husband and I are indeed married and not together just to get my husband his green card (it seems the two children we've produced are not evidence enough!). But I still don't feel old in my gut. I'm still surprised to look in the mirror and find I've aged.

But, boy I really enjoyed digging up these photos though. Looking through them ...I finally got it (OK Universe?! I get it!) - I'm old and getting's the proof:

This is the first time I met all of Mark's friends in Montreal.
It's at a chalet just outside of Montreal. We're completely blitzed and it's New Year's Eve in this photo (2003):

This is at my friend's wedding in Seattle (I was a brides maid) 2003:

Here we are hiking Mt. Tremblant, North of Montreal
(wow, I remember thinking I was fat back then) 2003:
This is when I participated in ArtoMatic here in DC.
Mark helped me paint and prep my space (2004):

Here are a few from our trip to Scotland in 2004:

Christmas at a Chalet in Val des Lac (North of Montreal) - 2005:

Crappy picture of the two of us in NYC (2005):

Christmas 2006 in our house here in DC (I'm 8 months pregnant):

Visiting family in Montreal (2007):

Visiting family in Montreal (2008):

An almost classic family photo here in DC - Thanksgiving 2008
The whole family here in DC Easter 2009:


Charlie said...

Jennifer, it is a strange request for a couple with 2 children. Talk about bureaucracy. You have a beautiful family!

Rachel said...

Oh what fun seeing all these photos. You have a great family. I loved my younger years but I also would not go back. You know what I mean?

whatwas said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Christy said...

You look fabulous is all the pictures Jenn. I remember when you were planning your trip to Scotland - that was so exciting!

We had to go through a hullabaloo to get matt's green card too - what a fun process that was. Not!