Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paul is 4 months old!

Wow, I think it was yesterday...yes just yesterday it seems that I posted Paul's 3 month old stats...boy that month went fast! Paul turned 4 months old on Sunday.

His doc visit isn't scheduled until the 15th - so I don't have his official stats. We did, however, measure how tall (long) he is and that little weed of a boy is already at 27.5 inches (68.95 cm to you my Canadian family) that's 3.5 inches taller than 2 months ago. Grow Paul, grow!

I weighed him by stepping on the scales alone (we won't share that weight) and then weighing myself while holding Paul...that gave us his weight of 14 pounds (approximately). Oh and that's 6.35 kilos to my Canadian Family. I swear I thought he was closer to 16 pounds by now. Either way he is definitely a tall kid! He's already wearing his 9 month old clothes....next week I'll be writing that he's into his 12 monthers!!! The picture above is about 1 week before he turned 4 months old.

Here's a shot of Paul from Sunday - he's kicking the play toy at his feet:


Eva Gallant said...

Paul is a cutie! You are a busy lady! Enjoy them now; they are too soon grown and gone! Take it from one who knows!

Eva Gallant said...

In response to your comment on my blog....I called an attorney and was told because I had given them a retirement date, they were within their legal rights to move the date up. Bummer!