Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We've Made it 3 Months!

This is Paul on his 3 month birthday

I'm a terrible mother! How could I have forgotten to post about my youngest boy turning 3 months old?! Well, the truth is, information flows in many directions for me...this time I sent out a big email with all of Paul's stats - so posting on the blog slipped my mind. Looking back through my posts it seems I forgot to post about his 2 month old bday as well.

Perhaps the biggest news in Paul's growth is the fact that the boy already has a tooth punching through that cute little gummy smile! He's about a month and a half earlier than Peter who got his first tooth somewhere around the 4 month mark. They are identical in that they both got their eye-tooth as their first tooth.

Paul is able to turn on his side and is quite the wiggle worm! Every time I look up he's moved to a another position on his toy or crib! And he gurgles, coos, chatters and laughs like crazy. I'll have to try and get it on video. His favorite thing is to blow spit bubbles which makes my 2 year old very happy!

Weight: roughly 14 lbs (6.35 kilos)
Height: about 22 inches long (55.9 cm)
The obligatory photos:

Paul this morning

More of Paul this morning.

PS. Thank you Auntie Donna for the very cute outfit Paul is wearing today!


Christy said...

What's an eye tooth?

Fiona got her first tooth around 8 months.

LOVE the photos. More please!

Jennifer Golden said...

Heehee...I started to edit eyetooth out when I first posted it because I don't know if it's the correct term or not - just what I've always called the fang teeth :)