Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peter & Paul's Magnetic Wall!

I'm sooo excited about this project I have in mind. When my husband converted our unfinished basement into a playroom for Peter we had originally planned to purchase a large sheet of tin or some kind of metal so Peter could have a very large area for his magnets. It turned out that large sheet of metal was going to cost more than we were willing to pay.

Enter Magnetic Paint! Yes, you heard me right...paint that turns whatever surface you paint magnetic! Maybe you saw it on the episode of Extreme Home Makeover. I seemed to have missed that episode, so it was a huge discovery for me! You can either buy the magnetic primer paint that goes on under any color paint you choose or you can mix in an additive. I'm going for the latter since it requires less coats of paint (I'm lazy like that).

I just placed my order for the paint this morning and I can NOT wait to get started! I love having the basement where anything goes! I plan on getting a really fun color for the panel of the wall that will be magnetic...such fun!

I bought these Doug and Melissa magnets and have them tucked away to use the day we get the the magnetic wall completed!

Pictures of the new wall to come!


Well, bummer. The magnetic paint, it seems has a fatal flaw! The paint seems to only be strong enough, magnetically speaking, to hold flat rubber magnets. From the website:
"Recommended magnets are flexible rubber sheet magnet or rare earth magnets (neodymium type). Most heavy fridge magnets do not hold well on magnetic paint."
Meaning, that definitely the heavy wood magnets I've purchased won't work. His toy magnetic figurines won't stick, meaning...I cancelled my order and am back to the drawing board. :(

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Christy said...

Can't wait to see it - it sounds super cool!

ps You have an award waiting for you on my site!