Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just GOTTA have the last word!

OK, Maggiano's!!! You just HAAAD to have the last word, didn't-ya?! So...I posted about Maggiano's apologizing for an incident I had written to them about...and how we enjoyed their freebie "we're sorry" meal. So after such a wonderful "we're sorry" meal, I felt the need to write back to Maggiano's headquarters and say "thank you for the nice apology".

Well, today I received this (see above) letter from Maggiano's saying...we're so glad you had such a wonderful experience and gave me a $10 coupon for my next visit. Just HAAAD to get the last word in, didn't you, Maggiano's? That's totally fine by me! You now have a more than happy customer!!! but I still get the last word .... THANK YOU!!!


Christy said...

Very nice - take me, take me!

Rachel said...

that is nice. I am impressed