Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Kind Nod in The Direction of Maggiano's Restaurant

In this post I mentioned an incident that occurred while trying to grab some lunch at a Maggiano's restaurant during a particularly frustrating day. One of the commenter's on that post said something about Maggiano's actions being discriminatory. That had not occurred to me, at the time that I posted I just found it to be another incident in my trying day but the more I thought about it the more I felt she was right. So I sent a note via the Maggiano's website recapping my experience.

A couple of days later the GM of the restaurant called me. I was surprised, frankly, to hear back about the note at all let alone receive the most sincere of apologies. The GM explained that he was thoroughly embarrassed about my experience, he asked for details, if I possibly knew the names of the hostesses, and apologized profusely. He even told me to ask for him the next time I'm in the restaurant so he can personally see to it that my next experience is above and beyond and stated my meal would be on the house. He was sooo soo nice and apologetic and assured me that my experience was not the common policy for Maggiano's and he would do everything he could to see to it something like this never happened again.

Wow. I mean really, I didn't expect all of that!

So today, with my mother and two boys in tow, I went to Maggiano's for that promised free meal. They certainly made good on their promise, including my mother's two glasses of wine, my two-year old's spaghetti, my gnocchi and salad and my mother's order of the special of the day (can't remember what it was). In the end our bill totaled close to $50, completely comped! LOVE IT! :)

So, Thank you Maggiano's for your most sincere and delicious apology!!!

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Christy said...

Wow that is awesome. I know I thought it was discriminatory - not sure if I mentioned that to you or not. So glad they apologized and you got a free meal!